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  1. Totally agree with your Mom about how Nascar should promote the individual drivers more. We know snippets here and there. You Jeff do your 12 Questions, and I’ve learned from that. But they need to get the drivers out more so that people can feel a personal connection to them – that is what can make new fans.
    I would like to see a balance of Sat night & Sunday races. I would actually be able to travel to see more races if there were more Sat night ones. As for the length of the season, I think it’s just right. I’m indifferent to the length of the races. Your parents are adorable btw.

  2. Good time there! I thought your parent’s views were interesting and thought provoking. The idea about getting the drivers to be more of a focus is a great one. I know that when stories have surfaced about drivers like Matt DiBenedetto, or Landon Cassil I tend to prick up my ears, so to speak, because I am interested in their backgrounds.

    We get a little of that during rain delays, but the pit reporters too often are not prepared and are trying too hard to be “entertainers” that I feel these drivers are more props during those times than “stars”.

    And I don’t think shortening the races is the answer to the problem. A shortening of a boring, not very exciting race will result in a shorter, boring, not so exciting race. It’s like we’re in a hurry to get to the final laps. That isn’t what is needed.

    We need cars that are less aero dependent, matched with more short tracks, and maybe a road course. Put another way- If the racing over the same distances we have now was more exciting, more compelling, and enjoyable to watch, would you then still want shorter races?

    That’s really how we should be looking at this.

  3. Love this and your 12 question podcasts. I agree it is nice to learn more about the drivers personalities. Enjoyed your parents. Have them fill in anytime.

  4. Susan needs a hat folks. Come on now, we can make this happen.

    Great Podcast Jeff.


  5. Night races have lost their luster; the cool track creates more grip and there’s less emphasis on handling. The only night race should be the all-star race, which should rotate between Bristol and Martinsville. Richmond returned the spring race back to the daytime, the media kept commenting on how better The Clash was this year with it being run during the day. The Coke Zero 400 should return to Saturday mornings – Breakfast at Daytona – where a slick track will put an emphasis on handling and likely break up the big packs.

    As I get older, I usually have a hard time staying up late to watch the end of Saturday night races, and it doesn’t help the races are usually drawn out with several late caution flags.

    All my favorite drivers have retired, and it’s been a struggle to find someone new to root for each week. Drivers may show their personality on social media, but they need to show it when they are interviewed in print, and on radio/television.

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