News Analysis: Erik Jones to drive the No. 20 car

What happened: Joe Gibbs Racing made a long-speculated move official on Tuesday, announcing Erik Jones will return to the team after a one-year loan to affiliate Furniture Row Racing. Jones, a Cup rookie this season, has been a JGR development driver and will replace former Cup champion Matt Kenseth in the No. 20 car.

What it means: The NASCAR youth movement continues. As Kenseth has said, he does not intend to retire despite being 45 years old. It appears he essentially got pushed out of JGR by the desire to give one of NASCAR’s top young drivers a home with the team.

News value (scale of 1-10): Two. This is not a surprise at all, but it is noteworthy in that it’s a driver change at one of the top teams.

Questions: What happens to the No. 77 team at Furniture Row Racing? Will Kenseth be able to land at another top organization? How quickly can Jones become a regular winner at JGR?

8 Replies to “News Analysis: Erik Jones to drive the No. 20 car”

  1. I trust the Joe Gibbs organization and their decision. If it is best for the team, I support them….always!

    1. How could one not see this coming after Edwards was pushed out. You have to continue recruiting young talent to keep your team.

  2. Do you think Kenseth should be on a plane to Colorado to go chat with Furniture Row about keeping the 77 running with an experienced and talented vet?

  3. Excellent move by Gibbs. Kenseth has had his day and it’s been down hill since the Logano incident.

  4. Well, I’m not a happy camper. I didn’t like the way they did Joey when it was rumored Carl was going to take his ride, which I didn’t really like Carl, so I was really upset and let them know it, then. As we all know it didn’t happen at that time but then Matt did end up taking his place but since I’m a huge #MyManMatt fan I didn’t mind it as much. Turns out it was a huge success for JoLo. Now here we go again! As I said I am ????

    Don’t know if anybody has thought about this but I would just about guarantee the JGR /FRR relationship if not soon, by next year will be pretty much non existent. Probably one of the reason they didn’t want to extend any more contracts. Furniture Row is kicking their butts and you know they ain’t happy about it.

    All that being said I am really disappointed and heart broke because “I know” without a doubt that Joe Gibbs is a really good Christian and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Yes…… I know it’s a business and it can’t be run by the heart but I also know Christians operate in a different matter than the rest of the world.

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