NBC’s NASCAR broadcasts to get post-race interview twist

Starting with Friday night’s Xfinity Series race, NBC will add a new interview element to its NASCAR broadcasts.

You know the moment when the winning driver gets out of the car at the start/finish line and grabs the checkered flag? NBC will be dispatching a camera crew and reporter onto the track to interview the driver immediately — before the winner even arrives in victory lane.

The audio of the interview will also be available on the public address systems for each track, which means the driver can essentially talk to fans during the celebration. Obviously, the network is hoping to generate some more raw emotion in the immediate moments after the win.

By the way, the driver will still go through the standard victory lane procedure once arriving there after the initial interview.

NASCAR informed teams of NBC’s idea on earlier this week and referenced the new procedure in the Xfinity Series drivers meeting on Friday, according to ESPN.com’s Bob Pockrass.

I asked NBC Sports executive producer Sam Flood about this on Thursday, but he would not confirm the plan.

“I think you should stick around and find out,” he said. “We’ve got some ideas. Hold onto that thought and we’ll go from there.”

12 Replies to “NBC’s NASCAR broadcasts to get post-race interview twist”

  1. If you think about it, usually at the end of the race the Winner is the biggest topic. But, that winner takes 5-10 minutes to get to Victory Lane, wait for commercials, interview other top 5 divers, etc. This should get some raw emotions from the driver and be the first driver interview after the race.

  2. I have always hated the newly created “pause” for television to get set up in victory lane. It takes all the spontaneous thrill out of the celebration. They started choreographing the party in 2003-04 era and I have never liked watching it. I’d rather not have one at all than fake it…….Watched the 2004 Daytona 500 win throwback last night and Junior celebrated out on the track just to circumvent the fakery. He didn’t agree with it either. So here they are now, returning some of the actual joy….can’t be anything but good for the sport.

  3. Interesting. But if NBC uses this as an “out” when coverage is tight and skip the traditional victory lane Interview to change programming, you’re going to have some pissed off entitlement sponsors that pay big bucks for exposure in VL (signage, trophy, car topper).

  4. This would have been great for Ryan Blaney’s win since we didn’t get to hear his in-car reaction.

  5. Didn’t like it! I didn’t see any raw motion. I think it would be better to just give him the microphone and let them say what they want directly to the fans and not what the interviewer is leading them to say. That removes the emotion.

  6. I thought it was dumb… 2 interviews within minutes of each other was awkward and pointless. Do one or the other!

  7. Don’t like it! I think it takes away from the drivers personal win experience! They won, now they have to stop their momentum and talk to a reporter.

  8. Someone on twitter had a great idea. Instead of the double interview, they should interview the driver on the track and the owner or crew chief in victory lane. I think that’d be great.

  9. I am beyond caring at this point. I am hanging on only in remembrance of the past. Similar to how i stayed on to SOE Star Wars Galaxy (SWG) until they actually shut down the game servers.

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