Things we learned from NASCAR meeting with Kyle Busch, Joey Logano

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano met briefly in the NASCAR hauler prior to practice Friday at Phoenix International Raceway. Each driver emerged separately — followed by NASCAR executive vice president Steve O’Donnell.

Here’s one thing we learned from each participant:


Drivers can get physical on pit road, but they’d better not use their cars to settle any beefs.

“We’re very clear that we’re not going to allow a car to be used as a weapon,” O’Donnell said. “We didn’t see that in this case. We looked at this as good, hard racing. That’s when we will react — if there’s an intentional something that happens on the racetrack, we’ll have to react.”


The Team Penske driver brought data from the car with him — something he said Busch asked for — as evidence he didn’t do it on purpose (data could include steering inputs, for example).

“I was able to show him that and it was pretty clear, in my opinion, what happened,” Logano said. ” I hope he was able to see that and know I was sincere about it.

“The only thing I can do at this point was to plead my case and say, ‘Hey, it was an honest mistake, it was hard racing at the end.'”

Logano said it “always helps to talk face-to-face” — something he didn’t do in the past, notably with Matt Kenseth prior to the veteran taking revenge on him at Martinsville.


Everything is great.

“Everything is great,” Busch said. “Everything is great. … Everything is great. … Everything is great.”

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  1. Kyle Busch is so disrespectful. I don’t know why Coach Gibbs and M&Ms/Mars Company puts up with him.

  2. “Steering input” is not the issue! There is no evidence Logano steered into Busch! The question is was Logano speeding up into the corner or lifting/braking? Logano is one of the best drivers in the world. He knows if he goes into the corner too fast he will get loose and bump/wreck Kyle on outside. AND it will look like an accident to boot. Kyle knows this. Kyle wants to see what Logano’s feet were doing — accelerating or lifting?

    1. This is spot on! I bet that was the deepest Logano drove that corner all day. He said the same thing when he wrecked Hamlin a few years back. His excuse is that he got loose under him by he purposely drove that far into the corner knowing that would happen. If Logano would own up to stuff I wouldn’t dislike him as much. One day somebody will catch him away from his crew. #efflogano

  3. Bottom line: Joey is just a fundamentally happier person and Kyle always sees himself as the aggrieved victim. Or Joey is just a much better actor. I will say Kyle did himself a favor by just repeating that response instead of making it worse.

  4. Oh, one other thing. When O’Donnell said “We’re very clear that we’re not going to allow a car to be used as a weapon,” he for got to add “unless your name is Tony Stewart”.

  5. Just saw your tweet about whether it was worth it to get to the track for this meeting……you are so funny! You done good……we appreciate all your work…..

  6. I have never been a fan of Kyle’s because of his attitude. He’s always the victim and never does anything wrong. He could have simply said “we talked and I have no further comments”. It’s a shame that he has such great talent and with a poor attitude.

  7. Im glad it happened,penske sucks! Logano and bad brad both need there jaw jacked. Atleast kyle is one of the few drivers that will do something if u screw him out of a good finish. Just hope he handles it like Kenseth did and gets the last word.ROWDY NATION!!

  8. Everyone talks bad about Kyle just like they did big E because they get sick of him beating everyone ya he is aggressive you have to be most the drivers are well the winning ones at least even Joey is Kyle is very passionate it’s his life he loves it he takes pride he always shoots for success he has matured so much since he started if you don’t like him it’s probably cause you are sick of him being one of the best driver’s ever especially on paper everyone says oh he can’t ever own up and it’s never his fault that’s not true look back and he has owned up more times to keep track of I’m not saying he didn’t handle that the best he could but heat of the moment that was is home town track to so remember that. Im not saying Joey is a bad driver he has a ton of talent but he is a huge baby not like Kyle. Kyle is passionate not a baby Joey is a whiney punk who can’t own up and hides behind his dad most the times he deserved the punch in the face but Kyle did not deserve to be kicked in the face on the ground. I dont think Joey took him out attentionly but how could Kyle no at that moment Joey just couldn’t keep control of his car cause he was not thinking clearly from lack of experience but Joey will get there he has a bright future. But ya for you who talk so bad about Kyle it’s you not liking him cause you not a fan cause he either dominates to much in your eyes or beats your driver all the time.

  9. Joey just showed he is a much better person than Kyle. Kyle has a horrible child like attitude and acts like a complete jerk. I’m surprised his owner and sponsors put up with it. He needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child that doesn’t get his way.

  10. I’ d like to hear what Kyle’s spotter was saying at the time he was coming up on Kesolowski. Had he chosen to lift he never would have ended up side by side with Logano in the corner. He still can’t control his temper plain and simple. Never been a fan of the Busch Bros and never will be.

  11. Kyle is a goof, I am a Ford guy(#21), if Kyle dove a ford I would want to finish last every race. He is a great driver but he is a knob

  12. Who’s on the pole for sunday? A Penske Ford Team 22.Best of luck for sunday! Time is running out on many team with the bonus per stage pressure is building up.

    There will be more feud because of it.Look at the team w no top ten after 3 races.Everyone on that list should Focus on their own goal & target .

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