Offbeat NASCAR Awards and Superlatives podcast with Brant James

Brant James joins me to help hand out imaginary awards in 10 categories, including: Best NASCAR Twitter Feud, Crankiest Interview of the Year, Biggest Disappointment and Most Valuable Driver.

2 Replies to “Offbeat NASCAR Awards and Superlatives podcast with Brant James”

  1. Don’t let Jeff sway you Brant!! I’m with you on Larson not making the final four. And Jeff you really are confusing ???? with some of your analogy of these questions. Going with Brant on Chase Elliott and the “Young driver most likely never be named to on the biggest disappointment list”. At least that’s the way I would have answered it if you were to put it in a survey form.

    Last question, ‘Most Valuable Driver’ Why not put someone in there that “really” did something with nothing? And that would be Michael McDowell with Leavine Family Racing. Sure they didn’t have no where the stats of the drivers y’all mentioned but you said he elevates the car beyond where it should be. All the analyst were talking about McD.

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