Kyle Busch: ‘I’m Sorry, That’s Just Who I Am’

For all the talk about Kyle Busch changing and growing and maturing over the years, from Old Kyle to New Kyle to Family Man Kyle, the 2015 Cup champ never seems to go too long without doing something that pisses everyone off.

And you know what? As it turns out, that might not ever change.

That’s the theory Busch floated after winning the pole position Friday at Dover — five days after his much-publicized mic toss following a second-place finish in the Coca-Cola 600.

“Different people show their emotions in different ways,” he said. “Unfortunately for me, mine has never been very gracious — and I don’t know that it ever will be. I’m kind of learning that as the days go on. When my son (Brexton) is 2 years old, I see where it came from — it’s genetic.

“I’m sorry, that’s just who I am. That’s what I was given. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s probably the guy upstairs. I mean, I can probably get better and go to training and classes and everything else, but I don’t know. It is the way it is.”

Busch made the case those flashes of emotion don’t represent who he really is as a person, though — which is why sponsors, family and friends keep supporting him even in bad times. Look no further than Samantha Busch’s Instagram post this week to see another way he’s perceived.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed to be in the opportunity I’m in,” the driver said. “I’ve got great sponsors and partners that are with me, and they’ve stuck with me through a lot worse than what happened this week. And that’s through relationships.

“Those people that are close to me understand me and know me and know who I am outside the racetrack as a person and a friend, and that’s why I’m able to continue to have the relationships and the sponsorships that I do.”

As for why he was so upset at Charlotte, Busch said the time between his televised FOX Sports interview right after the race and when he arrived at the media center gave him time to stew over the missed opportunity.

For one thing, Busch said, he thought he was in position to win the race after passing Martin Truex Jr. and seeing Jimmie Johnson run out of gas (he believed Austin Dillon would also run out).

Then there was the fact a Coke 600 win slipped away — which would have given him three of the four NASCAR “majors” — as well as a Charlotte sweep that would have given him his first points win at his favorite track.

“There were a lot of things on the line that meant a lot to me and would have been special to me, but I guess I should care less about those sort of things and not show that sort of emotion,” he said.

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  1. Kyle, the reason your son acts like a two year old is because he’s a two year old, not because acting like a child is hereditary. I don’t question your driving skill, your parenting, or your spousing. I don’t want you to suppress your emotion or not speak your mind. But you do need to grow up. How is that so hard to wrap your head around?

    1. Ryan, you capped off the whole topic in the words ” suppress your emotion” ! If Kyle had this emotional fit , do to a situation like the one.. that happened to Earnhardt and Jimmy Johnson…(Earnhardt event that put Earnhardt out of the race) it may have went unnoticed.
      But that wasn’t the case as he passed Truex to get second place.

    2. He is grown up yet no one else seems to grip that Kyle Busch is just that he is a Husband father friend foe but he is still my Number One Driver on the track and all that made fun of him earnhardt and Hendricks motor sports Karma is a bitch and yeah you are genetically challenged when you are born been there done that and got T shirts to prove it

  2. Its poor raising. If he allows his son to do that, he’ll grow up to be the same way.
    Both Busch brothers exhibit this trait…. So its possible its genetic… But its also possible its nurture over nature… And their parents raised them to be little spoiled jerks

  3. Stop it people. He lost the race that he put his heart and soul into and he was pissed. So what. Get over it. I like his personality and I love his drive to win. That was close to a win and he hasn’t done that in awhile. I get why he was upset and that’s why he is one of the best in world at what he does. Just like some of you are the best in the world at accepting failure gracefully. I’m sure some of you have some trophies up on your wall that you got when you lost the game. You know, one of those trophies that you got in the league where everybody gets a trophy. This is real life people. If you want to ride the make believe train then go subscribe to keselowskis Twitter feed.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head but in the words of the esteemed thinker Taylor Swift, “Haters are going to hate.”

      In addition to all his blessings and curses, you might add he is “arguably” the best wheelman currently in NASCAR. Lots of arguments against it. Lots of arguments for it.

    2. Joe, he’s totally entitled to have a emotional fit over something that counts, but not a ego trip because a youngster beat him. He drives in Infinity & Truck races to rub it in their faces who the main man is on the track . That’s one thing about old recognized racers as Earnhardt Sr. Waltrips and others… they took emotions to the another level, not to the media.. or they kept their mouth shut. They were a Mans/ man driver..RESPECTED !

  4. Maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t seen any complaints from reporters that were in the room. Jeff, I know you weren’t at the race last week, but can you clarify? Seems those most offended were the same WAGS that commonly take to twitter anytime they get an opportunity, a few drivers, and fans. Genuinely curious to know the opinions of those in the room. Have heard a few say he waited until the room was cleared of more questions.

    1. Actually, perhaps surprisingly, several reporters came out in Kyle’s defense. He’d been gracious for quite a bit from the time he got out of the car. He’d reached his limit after a couple of the same reporters (I won’t name names) spent their whole time never asking him about him, his run or his day, but rather goading him about “how does it feel to lose again?” questions and he’d had enough of them.

      They not only sympathized with Kyle for the same few reporters constantly on his case, but actually got upset FOR him, because they all stated that he was actually more gracious than they would have been under the circumstances.

      Of course, Kyle-whiners will never pay attention to that. They swear that was his first comments. I can’t count how many comments and most-liked comments on social media insist this is the first thing he said, or insist that he didn’t give any other interviews. One even compared him to Richard Sherman’s non-interview interview… because they read the headlines.

      And of course, none of them will listen to other reporters in the pool who share the disdain for the minor few who are on Kyle’s back for over an hour, trying to goad him.

  5. Life is filled with so many worse things than Kyle being completely exhausted and upset over his loss. Some should read your own post and question yourself regarding your own thoughts and what makes you publicly post against someone you truly do not know.

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