12 Questions with Kasey Kahne

The 12 Questions series of interviews continues this week with Kasey Kahne of Hendrick Motorsports. I spoke to Kahne at Texas Motor Speedway.

1. How much of your success is based on natural ability and how much has come from working at it?

When I was younger, it was both, because my dad always was on me to learn about the cars and work on the cars. But from the first time I got on a four-wheeler, a car or whatever, I felt like I knew what I was doing — and that was nice. So I’d say I had a little bit of ability driving, but I’ve always had to work at it. Today, I’d say I work way harder than (use) ability, it feel likes at times, so it’s just tough. Racing’s tough. It’s always changing, so you can’t just drive. You have to be aware of a lot of other things if you want to go fast.

2. Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards have all retired in the last couple years. What’s your pitch for fans of theirs to become fans of yours?

Carl may come back; you’ll never know. But the other guys are doing other things that they’re enjoying, so that’s pretty cool. I feel like I probably have some of their fans — we probably have fans that are more of a Tony Stewart fan than my fan but they probably still like me a little bit because of our backgrounds. Same with Jeff Gordon, and then being Jeff’s teammate.

Those guys have always been my favorite drivers growing up because I enjoyed the way that they got to NASCAR and then what they’ve done along the way and in NASCAR and how dominant they were at times. So those have been some of favorites.

But I think just doing some of the same things and having some of the same passions for racing would maybe be able to get some of those fans on our side.

3. What is the hardest part of your job away from the racetrack?

The hardest part of my job away from the racetrack right now is probably the schedule. I’m trying to get everything in thoroughly and do a good job at the things I need to do racing-wise (and) sponsor-wise each week, making sure everybody’s happy.

And then there’s also doing my things that I enjoy that I feel helps me in the car — which is working out and putting in the time and effort of reading the notes and trying to be prepared, watching the videos and things to be prepared for when you get to the next track. And then working all that together with taking care of my son, Tanner.

So, doing all those things together, scheduling and giving each one of them plenty of time and then having the most time going to Tanner would probably be one of the tougher things we do.

It looks like Tanner is a really happy kid on social media and I enjoy following him. Is he loving life?

He’s loving life, and it’s crazy because he’s super happy. He probably gets a lot of that from his mom (Sam Sheets) because she’s really happy. He’s excited, he’s happy, he’s a mover right now and he has tons of energy.

We’ll hang out (and) he’ll stay up all night if I let him. But as soon as it’s time for bed and I tell him, he knows because it’s later than when he usually stays up. At night, I say, “Hey, are you ready for bed, bud?” It takes him a second, but then he heads to his bedroom, so that’s pretty good for a 17-month-old that has a ton of energy and is a really happy little boy.

4. A fan spots you eating dinner in a nice restaurant. Should they come over for an autograph or no?

Yeah. I’ve never really minded that. I’ve always (signed) autographs or taken a picture. Sometimes like right in the middle of eating your main meal is probably not the right time; for one, you’re hungry, so that’s why you’re there and you can’t wait to get down whatever’s in front of you.

And for two, in my opinion, eating food and shaking hands is kind of dirty in a way.

That is gross.

That’s kind of gross. That’s what gets me.

But prior to a meal and as soon as you’re done, whether you’re having a drink or sitting there relaxing or leaving a restaurant, those times are really good times and it’s nice to do a picture or sign something if you run into a fan.

5. What’s a story in NASCAR that doesn’t get enough coverage?

I screwed up and forgot to ask this question and didn’t realize it until after the interview. My bad!

6. Who is the last driver you texted?

It’s actually Dale Jr. Yesterday we were going back and forth. Jimmie was also on there and Chase, but Dale was doing most of the texting. We were just working on team stuff over the weekend.

7. Do you consider race car drivers to be entertainers?

I think our job can definitely be entertaining. I think there’s times when it can be, but other times maybe not so much. I wouldn’t say that an actual driver is a whole lot of an entertainer. But I think maybe the sport and what we have going on at certain tracks can definitely be entertaining for sure.

8. What is your middle finger policy on the racetrack?

I hate using it. I used it more when I was younger, and it’s truthfully pretty dumb when you use it. I feel bad the next week. I probably used it once this year and was mad because (of) whatever happened. Then you kind of feel like, “Man, why did you do that? What good did you get out of it? What point did you get across?” It was nothing. You probably just made the other guy mad and you (feel) the same. I got flipped off plenty of times, but I try not to do it too much anymore. I’ve kind of grown out of that.

9. Some drivers keep a payback list in their minds. Do you also have a list for drivers who have done you a favor on the track?

Absolutely. You know that just kind of builds up. A lot of it, the list kind of goes away and you forget about it and as soon as that person either does you wrong or does you good again, it comes right back and you instantly remember. As quick as it’s happening, you remember the past — good or bad.

You don’t think about the list daily, but if you have another deal with that guy, it comes back and you remember every single time you had a problem and why and what and so on. That list is never-ending on both ends.

10. Who is the most famous person you’ve had dinner with?

Probably Blake Shelton. And that was with Clint (Bowyer). We were at the Super Bowl and we had Blake Shelton. Clint and Blake are good friends, I think. So having dinner with those guys, with Blake, that was a blast. Good times.

That had to be a pretty fun dinner.

It was a very fun dinner, very entertaining at that point.

11. What’s something about yourself you’d like to improve?

I always just wish I was a little bit happier. I enjoy racing and I’m really happy with Tanner, but there’s a lot times throughout the week where I’m just kind of getting through the day, you know? It’d be nice to just walk around a little happier daily.

12. Speaking of getting through the day, you post workout videos, and that was something Clint Bowyer was interested in asking about. So, he wants to know: Why do you post workout videos on social media?

I don’t know why he cares so much about this. He’s had this talk with me already. He’s texted me. (Laughs) I think he thinks I’m trying to be like Danica or something, is what he was saying.

But I just think it’s just working hard and enjoying. I enjoy working out. I really do. I love it. And when you’re sweating and working hard, you want to show some of your fans that you’re getting after it. You’re doing things to try and improve yourself and be better. I think Clint knows that.

That’s probably what it is, because he doesn’t work out, so he’s probably like, “Man, you’re making me look bad. Stop posting these workout videos!”

That is definitely what it is. But, truthfully, every time I see Clint go run, and he’ll do it like twice a year, he’ll just take off out of the bus garage and then he comes back 20 minutes later and he did two and a half or three miles. And he doesn’t honestly look bad for not running that often, so he can probably do whatever he wanted and get in good shape in a hurry, I’d imagine. But he’s in good race shape, so that’s really all that matters.

The next interview I’m doing is with Daniel Suarez. Do you have a question for him?

I like Daniel a lot. We all know it’s a big step, what he’s doing this year. He’s working hard to do it right and do a good job with it, so that’s really cool.

I’m guessing he lives in North Carolina, close to Gibbs maybe? I really don’t know, but how does he enjoy living wherever he lives? Does he enjoy it as much as where he grew up (in Mexico)? I’m from Enumclaw (Wash.) and I live in North Carolina now and I loved where I grew up, and I really enjoy where I live now. I just want to get his opinion because his (situation) is from a lot further away than Enumclaw.

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    1. Great interview Kasey. I know you are a great driver and I love watching you race but i am also a big fan because of the great person you are. I am always so proud of you! Love seeing you with Tanner. I think being a dad agrees with you, you’ve been more confident. Just enjoy your life & be happy. You deserve it.

  1. Great interview Kasey. I will always be one of your biggest fans. My husband and I have been your fan a long time. Keep up the work Kasey. It was good to see you run at Oshweken, Ontario last year. Have a good year Kasey.

  2. Kasey is definitely a talent and I really expected a lot more wins when he joined Hendrick (better equipment, resources, etc.). Next time ask him if he thought there would be more wins with him in the #5 and if the answer is yes, follow-up with what is preventing them. Thanks.

  3. Good report about Kasey… my son Dave got me into NASCAR as a Kasey fan.. he sadly passed away last year but I feel duty bound to watch for him.. I am 83…????

  4. I’ve always enjoyed your “12 Questions” series, but I love that you’re posting the audio now, too! The audio is fun – especially hearing Bowyer and then Kahne’s response to him…lol.

  5. Thanks so much Jeff, I loved it, I learned a couple of things today about my favorite driver, and I thought I knew most things about him. It was great and I love the back and forth between Kasey and Clint,

  6. That was a great article. Kasey is such a great guy and I am honored to be a KK fan! He has a beautiful family and I only wish him happiness in all he does! Go #5!

  7. I will vouch for Kasey willing to sign autographs while dining. Years ago (probably at least 10), we wound up sitting behind him at a popular place for the racing business in Huntersville. It was Christmas time, and after I told my wife who he was, she saw that he hadn’t received his food yet, so she walked over and asked “is ok for my (young) son to meet you?” He was super nice and took some time to talk with our son, and ask him about his Christmas and what some of his favorite gifts were. I was super embarrassed because I (still) work in the business, but, he was really cool about it all. To this day, my son’s favorite racer is Kasey…

  8. Great arrival Kasey,I do enjoy watching you,funny the question they asked about drivers who have left for I was a Gordan,and dale junior,then liked Carl and you when you started still like Jr also,you all are my favorites.I have enjoyed getting to see you at Knoxville nationals the last several years.was fun getting pictures with you.and hanging out with everyone on back stretch,lots of fun,glad you all are able to come and be able to have fun hanging out without being harassed.good luck and see you at the races????????????

  9. Great to see this interview Kasey! Proud to be a fan of a Washington driver. Kevin Hamlin is a friend of mine. He used to come to Wenatchee with the NW tour. Best of luck to you, always cheering !!

  10. This was a wonderful interview, Kasey doesn’t get approached for interviews like a lot of the drivers.Thank you so much Jeff for asking some great questions, and Thank you Kasey for taking time to answer them, makes me even more proud to be a fan . And thank you for sharing Tanner with us, he is adorable. Please, talk Clint into working out with you and post a video ????

  11. Great article. Love Kasey. Love his banter with Clint. I’m concerned that he isn’t happier. Has everything, great family, mom, dad, brother, sister, nieces & nephews. And above all Sam (wish he praised her a little more) and our sweetheart Tanner. I know he is depressed with his racing career right now, but that could change.
    I have faith in him. Maybe a car that lasted a whole race without going backwards would help, Kasey certainly drives his butt off with what he is given.
    Kasey try yoga or meditation, once your attitude changes so will your life’s outlook. Cheer up.

  12. As a fan of Kasey’s I would also have liked to have heard his take on the struggles the least few years. I know part of it is the general struggles of HMS as they are just not what they used to be as Penske and Ganassi are easily faster than they are right now. But the struggles with the 5 car seem to run deeper. He had great speed hid first 2 seasons with HMS and had 4 wins and a top 5 standings finish to show for it but since then they never seem to hit the set up.

  13. Thank you Jeff for including Kasey in your 12 Questions series. Kasey is my favorite driver and I have been his fan since he drove the 9 for Ray Everham. My husband was a NASCAR fan since he was in high school with Richard Petty being his all time favorite driver. After we had a son, there was not getting out of becoming a fan too.

    I loved getting to know a little more about my favorite driver and his beautiful son Tanner. I think it’s so wonderful how he shares his son with his fans.

    I am not sure why Kasey has had such a dry spell with wins, but I believe he will be back in Victory Lane. But if he doesn’t accomplish this, I will always be his fan and very proud of the way he always conducts himself at the track. There are many drivers who could learn something about being one of the gentlemen who start their engines.

    I wish Kasey all the success, happiness and love in the world.

  14. It makes me sad that sometimes you feel like you are “just getting through your day” Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D3. It helps very much. It sounds like you have so much on your plate. You may have some exhaustion issues. Try to get 8 solid hrs of sleep per night.You’re young & you have so much going for you & much to look forward too. Love & prayers to you. Btw, I’m a big Tony fan, but I’m your fan too.☺

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