Brief Guide to the Indianapolis Xfinity Aero Package

This is a quick guide to what’s happening in the Xfinity Series this weekend at Indianapolis (for people like me who are not experts in this stuff).

The short version: NASCAR engineers are using a very unique aero package in an attempt to create more passing at Indianapolis. It’s basically a science experiment, but should be very interesting if it works.

The plan: There are two main elements of the package — aero ducts and restrictor plates. NASCAR has never used an aero duct before, but basically it will direct air to the side of the car to punch a 25% bigger hole in the air. The restrictor plates are similar to the ones used at Daytona and Talladega, but packs are not expected (because drivers won’t be able to run wide open).

Will this work? NASCAR conducted a test at Indy last year with three cars and tried to simulate race conditions. The result: The leader could not get away and a car significantly behind was able to catch the leader and make a pass in the draft.

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