In case you missed it…

Hi everyone. If you showed up here looking for my NASCAR coverage…welp. I’m thinking you haven’t heard I moved to The Athletic in May 2019. I’m still following racing, still doing 12 Questions interviews and the Top 5 column — just in a different spot.

You also might be looking for The Teardown podcast, which is now part of the Dirty Mo Media network in partnership with The Athletic. The Teardown can be found on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I can also be found on X (@jeff_gluck) and Instagram (@jeff_gluck).

Anyway, looking forward to talking to you over there. Thanks for all the support!

7 Replies to “In case you missed it…”

  1. Jeff, you will be missed. Good luck with your new position. I hope they treat you right.

    1. Good news Don! You don’t have to miss Jeff! Check out his new place, already have amazing articles covering motorsports not just from Jeff, but from others as well. Totally worth the investment & you can get coverage of other sports too!

  2. To Lilianna’s father: Thanks for the info Jeff. Think I’ll just say by to this automatic email because I am a NASCAR only fan! ….. Unless you are going to cover Football. ~~smiling~~

    “Pocky” is doing a good job.

    Will “see” you on Twitter.

  3. This site was shit anyways, only 10 or 25 replies after a race said it all, Race after F1 has 200+ after a race and they aren’t 55 year old women commenting.

    1. When you have over 1000 people willing to give you money each month, in their 50s or not, you can then be an authority on the subject, Josh.

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