I have a new logo and site branding!

Hey everyone!

Well, this is finally starting to look like more of a real website. I’ve been wanting to get a consistent logo and matching site branding for awhile now, and today is the first day of the new look.

Originally, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a JeffGluck.com logo because I didn’t know if I would keep that name. But after the Las Vegas fight video, I figured the JeffGluck.com name was probably going to stick around for awhile.

So I decided to work with Brendan Droppo — who designs Lowe’s paint schemes for the No. 48 car and some Nationwide paint schemes for the No. 88 car — to create the branding. Brendan’s work looks so clean on the race cars, and I thought he would do a good job with my logo (and he did!).

If you want to check out more of Brendan’s work, his website is BrendanDroppo.com, and he’s also on Twitter at @brendandroppo.

I also want to thank Kyle Ellis, who sent me a (really good) unsolicited logo a few weeks ago when I didn’t have anything. I ended up buying it and using it for awhile, so I appreciate that. You can find him on Twitter at @Ky_Rocket.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look of the site!

19 Replies to “I have a new logo and site branding!”

  1. That’ll look awesome on the hats (and t-shirts, commemorative reporter notepads, die-cast laptops, etc. ????).

  2. Hey…. That’s a Jeff Gluck hat!!!

    But, couldn’t he make you smile? Oh! Wait! That’s your mustache I guess.

  3. Such an upbeat person and such a downbeat look. All the curves are frowns not smiles. Love your site if you used a sloth for a logo.
    Keep up the great stuff.

  4. You tell us about the redesign after I get the green logo tattoo. April fool’s right? Right?

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