How I Got Here podcast: My own story

This is admittedly quite awkward and feels egotistical, but after receiving enough listener feedback requesting this podcast, I decided to share my own story this week. Thanks to those who listened to and enjoyed the How I Got Here series this season, which concludes with this episode.

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  1. I began following you on Twitter and met you at the Bristol race in 2010. I’d never heard your entire story. Very interesting journey. So happy you never threw in the towel on NASCAR. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jeff,
    Thank you for all you do to bring great stories to light. I love the 12 Questions and especially like the How I Got Here section, sorry to see it go. I think we have all probably had a wish to get into Nascar at the team level or corporately. I was so excited to see you went to Knoxville and hope you make plans to attend some of the other big sprint car and dirt track races in general. I have always been a fan of Nascar, just the amount of time and focus I give to it has changed over time. Love the Dirt guys getting chances over the years and showing their talents. My first race was Sharon Speedway, Hartford, Ohio. Getting to see , meet and enjoy the likes of Lou Blaney, Dave Blaney, saw him the first time he drove his dad’s Sprint car and same of Dale Blaney. Along with the World of Outlaws, All Stars coming through on a regular basis . Now my sons’ and I travel as often as we can to sprint car races. When your child gets old enough be sure to go to sprint car race, will be a fan for life. Looking forward to what the next series you come up with is. Maybe a day in the life of different crew members from Nascar to World of Outlaws to us weekend racers?

  3. I ???? Jeff Gluck. Good riddance NASCAR Scene and USA Today. Their loss was our gain. I really can’t recall how I started following you so closely but I sure do enjoy what you put out. As I’ve said before, your podcast are the only ones I try to listen to weekly, though I have fallen behind on some of the ‘How I Got Here’.

    I’m just really happy that this has worked for you. And that Sarah was able to follow her dream and be a blessing to families in need. You must be the best husband EVER.

    Then you get to top it off with the most precious gift from God, Baby Girl Liliana ????.

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