Brian France shows up at Daytona drivers meeting, makes weird comment

Brian France, who is the HEAD OF NASCAR, made a strange comment prior at the start of the sport’s biggest race on Sunday.

Standing in front of all the drivers and VIPs at the pre-race drivers meeting, France announced he was about to speak on a competition topic — “which I don’t normally do.” (And there’s a reason for that, one would think.)

France began by saying NASCAR accepts blocking and understands it. BUT…

“Do not look for NASCAR,” he said. “When you block somebody out there — and it’s going to happen today — it causes almost all the big incidents — do not look for NASCAR. You’d better hope there’s a Good Samaritan behind you who is going to accept that block, because they have that lane.”

Dude, what are you even talking about? Unless I’m mistaken, the only wreck caused by blocking during Speedweeks was the Denny Hamlin/Brad Keselowski battle for the lead during the Clash. Otherwise, the Big Ones (like in the Truck and Xfinity races) have been caused by ill-timed bump-drafts or just mistakes in tight pack racing.



In the current package for Cup restrictor-plate races, blocking is HOW YOU WIN THE RACE. Brad Keselowski, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano are masters at blocking (alternate word: “defending”) their positions out front, nullifying the runs that come behind them.

No one disputes this or has a problem with it. All 40 drivers in today’s race understand if they get out front they MUST block.

So I honestly have no idea what France was getting at, or why he said that, but I guarantee you it didn’t help his credibility in the garage.

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  1. Once again, Brian illustrates exactly how ill suited he is to head up the sport and how little he actually understands it. If indeed he now has a minority position financially, the majority holders need to remove him for the good of the company (and the sport).

  2. Maybe someone needs to check him for post concussion issues?? He is really saying some odd things lately.

    1. Jeff I’m LOVING your no holds barred commentary already!! You were already my go-to for the latest news – but your new stuff – in which you’re including your informed opinion – is really excellent!! Congrats!!!

  3. He consistently proves he has no business talking about racing. He needs to stay in the office working on the books, and leave the racing to those who are knowledgeable.

  4. Often times I feel Brian France is not a public speaker and feels very intimidated by getting put in those spots.

    Other times I think he is drunk.

  5. Brian comes off as the worst type of owner. Like he’s there for the money but doesn’t actually know much about the business he’s running. That’s sad. I won’t criticize him for everything – I do like the new Stage format – but too many times he does things or says things that just shows he really has no clue.

    1. Actually my understanding is BVF had little to nothing to do with the stages or any of the new stuff. This was the drivers team owners and tv people.

  6. The more that man (France) opens his mouth, the more confused I get. I know I am blonde, but, “huh?!”

  7. I’m guessing this is a knee jerk reaction to yesterday’s, (or was it this mornings?) Busch race… (In my world, there are only two NASCAR series… Cup and Busch.) I agree completely with your analysis and furthermore, I think blocking should be OK at only plate races.

    The race was horrible. I didn’t see the numbers, but I’m guessing only a third of the starting cars were in true racing condition after the finish line crash. I DVR everything, so it only took an hour or so to watch it… I can only imagine the pain of sitting in the stands or trying to watch without fast forward. Harvick looked like he was ready to slit his throat after sitting between those two clowns for 3 or 4 hours.

    As to France… I’m proud and amazed he was able find the driver’s meeting and piece together some complete sentences.

  8. France is an idiot who was given the most important job in the sport based on his last name. The Wall Street Journal report on him and now this just go to show how out of touch he is with the sport. He clearly doesn’t know how to lead and run the sport, but because his last name is France no one is gonna say shit.

  9. When someone or many people attack your commitment, you sometimes act out in uncommon fashion. Mr. France was just sticking his chest out and saying,”I’m right here. I’m the boss and everyone is talking out of their ear,” even if some of the detractors and comments made were right. Many fallen leaders start in this fashion. Interested to see where the sports goes from here.

  10. He is so stupid — why don’t the board members give Lisa a chance to lead NASCAR? What is he holding over their heads?

  11. It was a great race! I love to see milionaires crashing at 200 mph. Especially the 10 car , her amazing winless streak still unblemished despite top notch equipment.

  12. Bill France doing his best Buford T Justice (Smokey and the Bandit) imitation: “Ain’t no way you could have come from my loins!”

  13. What? A NASCAR reporter who is not a shill for NASCAR?

    No more free race tickets for you, Gluck.

    And with Jayski’s horrible new site, I am coming here now instead.

  14. I bet he felt compelled to speak based on the WSJ article, and it forced him to get up there and show he really is out of tune with what is going on in the sport.

    And even if there was blocking I don’t see the drivers looking to the sanctioning body to resolve it.

  15. Brian France, what can you say, crazy comments without clear direction for the drivers, or actually telling them anything they did not already know.
    As to the blocking itself, another take: I’ve always hated blocking in NASCAR and these restrictor plate races will be bad as long as it’s allowed. It killed Dale Earnhardt, and it’s killing the race at Daytona and Talledega.
    Go to a sports car race and watch a Formula Vee race sometime. You will see great driving, drafting and slipstreaming that is fun and exciting, an much passing through the field–no blocking!
    If NASCAR would set the rules to put the cars on edge through the corners and outlaw blocking, they would be back to a great show at Daytona and on the path to improving the sport.
    Just don’t let BF do any of the talking

  16. It was an off the wall comment, but I think he was trying to say expect more blocking with the stages and don’t look for NASCAR penalize anybody for blocking.

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