Atlanta Post-Race Podcast

Nate Ryan from NBC Sports co-hosts this week’s post-race podcast from his rental car during the drive home from Atlanta Motor Speedway. Nate, who has a much more interesting and professional podcast than this one — the NASCAR on NBC Podcast (check it out!) — successfully navigated¬†the highways surrounding Atlanta while recording this. And yes, we arrived safely.

5 Replies to “Atlanta Post-Race Podcast”

  1. You need to work on your spotter skills, Jeff! HA!

    Good podcast, as usual.

    Maybe Nate Ryan is on to something. Maybe there should be a “Family Fued” series/podcast/something that you do here.

  2. After what happen w the RCR 31 they knew in the RCR 3 they would go through the same issue. They were hoping for a different result.
    Harvick vs RCR & Germain & JTG & LOGANO ,it’s part of Nascar racing,Delana knows she was an owner at KHI & she’s been in the sport all her life.
    They made a pitlane speed vilation & that why Hatvick & team SHR 4 lost race.
    Even if we don’t have damage car between 15-45 laps behind,there will still be yellow that will cost the leader the race.This is part of Nascar racing!

  3. You guys did some first class plugs in there… well done! ????????

    So – did you Nate beat the Google Maps time?

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