And now, a word about sponsors

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to keep you all in the loop on the latest developments with the website. It’s been going amazingly well and — if you can believe it — about a dozen different companies have reached out so far about the possibility of doing some sort of sponsorship.

That’s really exciting in some ways, but so far I’ve been hesitant because I worry the people who have stepped up to fund my career (you!) might feel I am getting away from the mission of serving them if I accept advertising.

But in the wake of getting a post-race podcast sponsor (SAM Tech, which many of you noted after Martinsville), I’m going to experiment with something on the website, and we’ll see how it goes.

Dover International Speedway reached out and offered to throw some support to the site, and they’ve been super cool about it. I’ve talked to them on the phone a couple times since January, and they’re very enthusiastic and supportive about the whole thing in a similar way that many of you are.

I decided to accept their offer, which means I’ll definitely be at both of their races. I also asked them to supply me with a custom ticket link, which means by using this link, you’re continuing to show your support for me and this site.

So when you see a Dover banner ad on things like the 12 Questions in the next few weeks, that’s what that is.

Anyway, I’d love to see you at the Dover tweetup if you can make it. And if you haven’t bought race tickets yet, here’s the handy link where you can do so.

I’m interested in hearing your feedback about this. And as always, thanks for the support!

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  1. Hi Jeff, WOW, what a breath of fresh air, is what I think every time I read your tweets and stories.
    Finally, a reporter who actually reports on what Real Race Fans are interested in.
    I think what you are doing is working Big Time and I say the sponsorship opportunities are coming because others in the sport see the same thing and want to be a part of your fan base and what your style of reporting represents.
    I say heck yeah, go for it!
    Thank you for your willingness to take a chance and thanks for letting us ride the wave with you!

  2. I have no problem with the Ads as long as those sponsors do not drive/impact the content of your articles and posts. So if while at Dover something Sucks about the experience related to the track, you refrain or tone down any discussion about then you will lose your baseline supporters. So take all the $$$ you can but do not have it impact your journalistic integrity.

    1. Hugh, you hit on my biggest concern — which is why I don’t think I’ll be taking any advertising from sponsors in the garage.

      For example: What if I was getting advertising from a driver’s sponsor and I wrote about that driver? Readers might say, “Well of course you said nice things about him — you’re getting paid!” Also, if he did something bad and I *didn’t* criticize him, readers might say, “You would have said something if you weren’t getting ads from his sponsor.”

      So yeah, I’m very conscious of that. I’m glad you brought that up, because that’s been weighing on me through this process.

      1. If you do feel there is an issue with a sponsor before or after any posts/articles, then you can quietly drop that sponsor. No need to publicly say anything….just tell them thanks for their previous support and move on. Your integrity is #1 since that will follow you the rest of your career even if post NASCAR.

      2. I so agree with this concern. Thanks Jeff for not selling yourself out right now. I might be selfish but as a supportive fan I like the openness and honesty that you are able to voice.

  3. As long as you don’t get pressure from the tracks and sponsors to show favoritism or hatred toward certain tracks, drivers, NASCAR rules, etc., I say go for it.

    Once a track or sponsor wants a specific viewpoint on a topic,talk to them first and consider dropping them. You did this in part for independence. Be you. Don’t be your sponsors.

  4. This is great Jeff, and like any other business, it deserves to grow. Any and all sponsorship is wonderful as long as your site isn’t forced into timed ads. Get rich over this bud! Your talents, knowledge and enthusiasm are drawing interest.
    Go for it. This ad made me check the date b/c we want to do a fall race and this could be it.

  5. Congrats I think it’s awesome & the fact that you are worried about blurring lines between corporate & fan support means to me you’ll keep fans interests in mind in what you do and how you do it. The ticket link is awesome if we could go to Dover this year I’d order through your link. You’re blazing a new and unique path for sports journalists and it’s neat to watch the process. Thanks for keeping it real by being so honest about it all. Continued good luck.

  6. I’m glad to see traditional advertising deals done instead of just throwing up a ad-network banner up and making the site look spammy. It certainly makes me think highly of Dover.

  7. I know the cost of a website. Adding advertising after you’ve researched it & found it acceptable will help your cause. If it’s subtle advertising at the bottom or sidebars (not the “in-your- face” stuff) all the better. Go Jeff!

  8. If you are pre-approving the ads and they are NASCAR based sponsors, take their money. I don’t like Google Ads that are random and seem to take away from your niche coverage, but NASCAR ads are perfectly fine.

  9. I have no problem with ads. I appreciate your thoughtful approach to adding them. I agree with the other comments that having a company sponsor you shouldn’t affect the reporting. I’m glad you are still reporting for the sport and enjoy all that you do.

  10. I would surmise that anyone interested in sponsoring you site is well aware of your advocacy for the fans, and their interest seems to go along with yours. As long as they are aware that you won’t compromise your integrity for them, I say bring ’em on!

  11. I 100% support this. And I’m happy it’s a NASCAR related advertisement and not a random corporation.

  12. I’m in the books at Dover International Speedway for the Spring and Fall Cup races plus Trucks & Xfinity in the Spring and Xfinity in the Fall.
    Dover usually tends to be a good race.

  13. I defeinitly support your decisions for sponsership. Believe me a couple of ads here and ther (which we will most likley support) will not bother us in order to get your good quality racing feedback

  14. If the money is going to you, by all means go for it. You took a huge risk leaving a steady job to venture on your own, not knowing if it would work or not. It’s your life and livelihood, so I think you do what you have to do. I think most of us fans appreciate a journalist that does it for the love of the sport, not just as an assignment from their employer. Keep up the good work.

  15. Sponsorship (ads) is something one has to do in this day and age to generate income – especially a fan-funded writer such as yourself. Monster Mile is a track – so I don’t see that them being a sponsor will in anyway impact your writing – the Jeff Gluck Style we have all come to love. Whatever brings in money for your to continue what you are doing – and keeping your new writing integrity in tact – I for one think it’s great and say go for it!
    A side perk is DANG you should get good access for your Empty Track pic there 🙂

  16. I say go for the advertising, it’s expensive to travel and the hours are long. Take all the help you can get.

  17. I made the choice to support you because you were by far my favorite journalist covering NASCAR and I was afraid that if I (and many others) didn’t support you then we would lose you. If site sponsorships gives your further security to continue to cover NASCAR then it’s a win for all of us. Congratulations on your early success.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better, Jason. I think I speak for the VAST majority of your patrons when I say “In Gluck We Trust”! If you have the opportunity for sponsorships, by all means take them. We totally trust your judgment and I don’t think any of us expect you to become a corporate shill (potential sponsors included!). I think it further speaks to your reputation in the industry and it’s exciting to see good things continuing to come your way! Keep on keepin’ on!

  18. I have no issues with your taking sponsorship/ad money. I agree with the many commenters here that your coverage is unique and deserves to be rewarded and supported. I keep coming back because of your perspectives and style. That you are concerned for your integrity and how the readers might perceive ads on this site also speaks to your caring about your craft and integrity. That says good things about you.

  19. I have no problem with you obtaining sponsorship and ads for the site. Anything that allow others to see what an awesome job you do is fine with me. You always have my support.

  20. I think it’s great, we all want you to be at every race so we get the great coverage you provide. Your on the way to the top

  21. Great! Keep on growing this venture of yours Jeff. See you at the Dover tweetup

  22. Make a much money as you can. This is your living, you’re good at it and deserve to be paid well. I don’t think anyone expects you to turn away income!

  23. Go for it Jeff! You’re obviously making an impact based on your integrity and if a company wants to be a part of it because of that. What’s better for a company to get trusted criticism ( good or bad) about what they are doing. If they can take that, your site isn’t where their money shouldn’t be. Win/win for both. Keep up the good work!!!

  24. I’m glad you’re in the position of having to make these tough decisions. It indicates it’s working.

  25. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto……… Especially what Sall said. They obviously have been looking at what you have/are doing and they like what they see. I don’t see a sponsor putting any restrictions or obligations on you knowing where you’re coming from in the first place. So proud for you Jeff.

  26. Jeff, I’m a Nascar enthusiast from Argentina. I admire you, you’re doing an amazing job. I love to read you because it’s an INDEPENDENT point of view, far of accommodating reads in the mass media. Your video of the KYle-Joey clash is a perfecto example.
    And I admire you for getting rid of the massive and make this, you’re a brave journalist.
    That said, ads are necesary for your survival in this tough times. WElcome ads, you need it. Ads, no popups. Popups are disrespectful.
    Sorry, maybe this is not-well written. English is no my first language.
    Best regards from Tigre, Argentina

  27. Jeff,
    I absolutely love what you are trying to do. I thoroughly believe that true investigative journalism is sorely needed to return fans trust in the sport. So many inside the sport can’t see the forest for all the trees. I respect what you do immensely, and I’ve seen you grow in leaps and bounds in perspective over the last few years. I support this site, and your writing. I will continue to praise this independent approach to anyone who will listen. NASCAR has to let the media out of their grasp. It’s a terrible look for the sport to keep media on a perceived leash…

    Anyway, thank you again!

  28. Jeff, all that I ask is you to be true to yourself. If you do that, then I know you will be true for us fans. Keep up the great work!

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