An All-Star Race Format Idea

I was scrolling through Twitter on Thursday afternoon Speedway Motorsports Inc. head honcho Marcus Smith dropped a funny tweet:

If you don’t know who Steve Luvender is, he’s the genius behind several NASCAR-related mini-sites — including the All-Star Race format generator. You can refresh the generator as much as you want and it will spit out unlimited (and mostly ridiculous) format ideas.

But there’s a little truth in everything, so I’m guessing this means Smith and NASCAR and whoever else decides on the All-Star format are in talks to determine how it will go this year.

If they’re open to ideas — maybe not to the extreme of Luvender’s generator — I have one to share.

How about a Battle Royal format?

Here’s how it would work:

— One driver is eliminated every five laps until there are two drivers left. So if there are 20 drivers in the field, it’s a 90 lap-race. The organizers can put mandatory caution breaks into the race if they want (caution laps won’t count), but the bottom line is the last-place car must pull off the track every five laps until there are two remaining.

— When there are two cars left, there will be a caution. The cars will start side-by-side (with the leader picking lane choice) for a two-lap shootout. The driver who was most recently eliminated (the third-place car at lap 90) will be allowed to participate in the shootout because NASCAR will need a backup plan in case the two remaining cars wreck each other. But that car must start the segment on pit road, ensuring it will be a half-lap behind and can only win if the leaders crash (which actually has a decent chance of happening).

So what do you think? It would be much simpler to explain than previous formats and would also be a lot of fun.

Yeah, some big names might go out early and not be around at the finish, but what race fan is going to turn off the TV when a driver is getting eliminated every five laps and there’s constant pressure to stay in front of the cutoff line?


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  1. The more cars the better in the last segment of at least 10 laps. Need those cars on 2nd and 3rd row the opportunity push those on the from row out of the way on the start. Would love the road course for one of the segments. The idea I suggested to CMS a few years ago was to have a large AllStar winner trophy that only stays with the team for the year. They have to give it up prior to the start of the next year’s event. Want your team to keep it at your shop then keep winning it. There could be a SMALL trophy to keep but the BIG one only stays if you keep winning it.

  2. 3 segments, 1 car

    50 laps on the oval. 1 mandagreen flag pit stop
    20 minute break where you can change anything you want on the car as long as its legal
    20 laps on the road course, 1 mandatory green flag pit stop
    Another 20 minute break, change anything you want
    100 laps on the short track, no pit stops

    Highest average finish on all 3 is the winner

  3. I like that format, but would eliminate the third car. Only the final two should have a chance to finish. Whoever can keep their car moving after a two-car wreck would be ruled the winner.

  4. I liked Moody’s idea from last year. 4 segments, 25 laps each. At the finish of each segments you get the same number of points as your finishing position (ie, 1 -1, 2-2, 3-3, etc). Then you fully invert the field to start the next segment. Person with the lowest point total at the end of all 4 segments wins.

  5. This concept is used in track cycling and often called the “Miss-n-Out” or simply “Elimination.” Quite frankly, it’s boring!

    If you want to take a page out of track cycling, how about a variation on the Keirin? Here goes:

    A Pace Race Car (not your passenger car), brings a short field of 6 to 8 cars up to speed with each passing lap. Lap 1: 75 mph, Lap 2: 100 mph, Lap 3: 135 mph, Lap 4: 170 mph. Then on the backstretch of Lap 5, at 170 mph, the Pace Race Car drops to the curtain and the 6-8 cars are in a 1.5 lap dash to the checkers. The top x-amount advance. Tournament format.

    The pro cycling Keirin:

  6. Like it. That would generate crazy excitement which the All Star race often lacks. Allow the top 4 cars to race 3 laps for the win.

  7. I like it. Maybe give em 10 starts til first elimination then every 5 laps do an elim. I would add a random draw to determine starting position. I think it would be great to see a wheel man start near the rear and have to navigate to the front. Show off those driving skills. After all, it is an all star race. Show the fans why you are an all star

  8. There’s an easy way to appease all racing fans with the All-Star race. Three segments; 1 on the road course, 1 on the half-mile on the front stretch, 1 on the 1.5 mile track. Fans of all types of racing get to see at least one quality segment of racing.

    1. Never thought about that. Thays a great idea. Encompasses all the tracks. Really good thought.

      1. I guess my thought on that idea wohld be how would u set up a car for segments like that?

  9. I think the most far-fetched idea but would be an awesome one is holding the All-Star race at Bowman-Gray Stadium. It would truly sell out, a throwback to the short track days and would be one hell of a race. Any driver who has won a pole, stage, race, finished in the top 25 in points and a championship would be qualified. Do two lap time trials and run 2 heats for the even qualifiers and odd qualifiers to set the field. The race format can be similar to Monster Supercross race format. Have two 25 minute race segments (cautions stop the clock) and at the end of the first race. Invert the field. Following the second race the average finish of the drivers sets up the field for the final 10minute green flag race segment. Then at the end you will have your winner of the all star race.

  10. I like it! I think it should end with 4 cars for the final 2 laps. More racing and possibilities. Plus it mimics the final race at homestead (sort of)

  11. It has been decades since NASCAR races came down to only 2 cars clear of the field more than rarely. It ain’t natural, and the dynamic of multiple cars jockeying is now the standard. I like your simplicity, and I really dislike most of the recent formats, so keep trying!

  12. I appreciate the simplicity of your idea and think it would be fun. Having a car exit every 2 laps would be exciting. Your 3-car ending is spot on.

  13. I love this idea. I would implement this plan exactly to the letter the way you proposed it.

  14. Been saying the same for years. Bicycle racing has something similar. So you don’t watch the front, you watch the back. As a racer, you only have to beat “one car”.

  15. I like the last place fall off part, but we should have four cars for the final segment. Starting order after each segment determined by a random draw by a team representative. Draw in order of how they finished in the previous segment. First place finish draws first

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