The 12 Questions interview: 2017 Edition

Welcome to Year 8 (!!!) of the 12 Questions interviews. Each week, I ask a different NASCAR driver the same 12 questions (although they are changed each year, which means there have now been a total of 96 different questions).

With the help of Landon Cassill — the annual guinea pig for the questions who assists in giving me honest opinions about whether each one is dumb or not — I’ve finalized the 2017 edition just in time for the first interview (which is with Kyle Busch).

So before you see them in a post, here’s a peek at what they will look like this year.

  1. How much of your success is based on natural ability and how much has come from working at it?
  2. Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards have all retired in the last couple years. What’s your pitch for fans of theirs to become fans of yours?
  3. What is the hardest part of your job away from the racetrack?
  4. A fan spots you eating dinner in a nice restaurant. Should they come over for an autograph or no?
  5. What’s a story in NASCAR that doesn’t get enough coverage?
  6. Who is the last driver you texted?
  7. Do you consider race car drivers to be entertainers?
  8. What is your middle finger policy on the racetrack?
  9. Some drivers keep a payback list in their minds. Do you also have a list for drivers who have done you a favor on the track?
  10. Who is the most famous person you’ve had dinner with?
  11. What’s something about yourself you’d like to improve?
  12. Please answer a question from the previous interview.

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  1. Awesome questions Jeff! Can’t wait to read all the answers! Best Wishes for the new season! =}

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