Where did Jeff go?

Hi everyone,

I’m making a post here for people who might not constantly check Twitter and suddenly wonder in late March or early April, “Wait, what happened to Jeff Gluck’s tweets?”

If so, thanks for noticing! I’m currently on parental leave for the birth of our second daughter. While I’ll miss covering the Atlanta, Bristol dirt and Martinsville NASCAR races, my plan is to be back online and writing about Richmond or Talladega.

Since I’m not supposed to be working while on leave, I don’t anticipate tweeting NASCAR news and race updates over the next month. I would like to keep doing the “Was it a good race?” polls for consistency, so you may see those pop up once a week.

Jordan Bianchi, my co-worker at The Athletic, will continue to churn out some great motorsports content and will keep doing The Teardown postrace podcasts each week with a guest co-host. I’m sure our racing coverage won’t miss anything; he’s got it all covered.

Other than that, I encourage you to scroll through Dustin Long’s NASCAR Media Twitter List and discover some new media members to follow. I have some fantastic colleagues in the NASCAR world who you may not have had a chance to learn about yet. This would be a great opportunity to do so.

In the meantime, I may post some family updates on my personal Twitter account (@jeff_gluck2) or on Instagram (jeff_gluck).

Oh! One more thing: The Athletic’s $1/month deal for new subscribers apparently runs until April 5. So if you’re seeing this post before then, take advantage of that offer if you can! You should be able to see it at this link.

Please stay safe and healthy. We’ll talk racing again soon.

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  1. Give Mama 💞, Baby Girl Liliana and Baby Girl 2 Kaia a great big ol’ hug 🤗 and kiss 😘 from Aunt Anita 😂

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