More from Joey Logano on the Las Vegas fight

In case you can’t get enough of this topic, Joey Logano came into the Phoenix Raceway media center Friday afternoon for a scheduled session. Naturally, most of the questions were about the fight.

Here are some of the highlights:

— On what he and Busch discussed during their Friday morning meeting with NASCAR: “I told him that we obviously made contact on the back straightaway. I had a not-very-good entry and had to slow down the car a lot to stay on the bottom and tried to make up some of that speed at the bottom of the racetrack and then I got loose. Once you get loose once, then I was on his door. You get loose again and at that point that was it. That is my mistake.

“The fact of the matter is I tried to stay on the bottom, I made a mistake and got up into him. I hate that it happened. I would take it back in a heartbeat. He asked for data when we talked on the phone (during the week) and I was able to bring that with me and present that and try to explain what was going on inside my race car.”

— On whether he got through to Busch: “Time will tell. I guess your actions on the racetrack are what speaks the loudest a lot of times. I believe so. I tried to be as open and honest and be an open book. There are no secrets. Hopefully that helped.”

— On whether it was intentional: “We were racing to the checkered flag and I have no reason to do anything on purpose for fourth place. That makes no sense. We were racing hard for position and the car got loose.”

— On whether he’s OK with Busch not being penalized “Of course. I don’t see where there should have been a fine for anything. I didn’t see anything wrong.”

— On his insistence he didn’t get punched in the face: “I have ninja moves man! I slipped. … I can say that I didn’t feel anything (if Busch did connect). It sure didn’t hurt.”

As for Busch’s side of all this? Well, so far all we’ve gotten is “Everything is great!”

Phoenix Raceway organizational test session times

Disclaimer: These came in raw data, so I had to pull them from a spreadsheet and it’s possible I screwed up.

I put these in order of best lap times, not mph, because the data is more detailed in seconds than speed. Also, these are the top time from each individual driver, not overall (Joey Logano had 19 of the 24 fastest laps in the Tuesday morning session; Dale Earnhardt Jr. had 13 of the fastest 15 laps in the Wednesday morning session).

Here are the single best lap times from the Tuesday morning test session:

  1. Kyle Larson (Ganassi) — 26.586 seconds
  2. Joey Logano (Penske) — 26.595
  3. Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas) — 26.774
  4. Ryan Blaney (Wood Bros.) — 26.799
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick) — 26.807
  6. Aric Almirola (Petty) — 26.845
  7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Roush Fenway) — 26.854
  8. Austin Dillon (Childress) — 26.876
  9. AJ Allmendinger (JTG Daugherty) — 26.896
  10. Erik Jones (Furniture Row) — 26.898
  11. Michael McDowell (Leavine Family) — 26.965
  12. Ty Dillon (Germain) — 26.976
  13. Alex Bowman (Chevy wheel force) — 27.027
  14. Daniel Suarez (Joe Gibbs Racing) — 27.125
  15. JJ Yeley (Toyota wheel force) — 27.186
  16. Landon Cassill (Ford wheel force) — No time recorded

And here are the single best lap times from the Tuesday afternoon test session:

  1. Joey Logano (Penske) — 26.674
  2. Ty Dillon (Germain) — 26.722
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick) — 26.774
  4. Kyle Larson (Ganassi) — 26.788
  5. Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas) — 26.802
  6. Erik Jones (Furniture Row) — 26.808
  7. Ryan Blaney (Wood Bros.) — 26.885
  8. Aric Almirola (Petty) — 26.965
  9. Austin Dillon (Childress) — 26.997
  10. AJ Allmendinger (JTG Daugherty) — 27.043
  11. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Roush Fenway) — 27.045
  12. Daniel Suarez (Joe Gibbs Racing) — 27.085
  13. Michael McDowell (Leavine Family) — 27.142
  14. Alex Bowman (Chevy wheel force) — 27.276
  15. JJ Yeley (Toyota wheel force) — 27.286
  16. Landon Cassill (Ford wheel force) — 27.680

These are the best single lap times from the Wednesday morning test session:

  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick) — 26.555
  2. Kyle Larson (Ganassi) — 26.583
  3. Erik Jones (Furniture Row) — 26.625
  4. Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas) — 26.685
  5. Joey Logano (Penske) — 26.690
  6. Daniel Suarez (Joe Gibbs Racing) — 26.710
  7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Roush Fenway) — 26.713
  8. Austin Dillon (Childress) — 26.741
  9. Ryan Blaney (Wood Bros.) — 26.750
  10. Aric Almirola (Petty) — 26.755
  11. AJ Allmendinger (JTG Daugherty) — 26.763
  12. Ty Dillon (Germain) — 26.848
  13. Alex Bowman (Chevy wheel force) — 27.116
  14. Michael McDowell (Leavine Family) — 27.244
  15. JJ Yeley (Toyota wheel force) — 27.278
  16. Landon Cassill (Ford wheel force) — 27.622

And finally, the times from the Wednesday afternoon session:

  1. Kyle Larson (Ganassi) — 26.667
  2. Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas) — 26.698
  3. Joey Logano (Penske) — 26.703
  4. Erik Jones (Furniture Row) — 26.726
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Hendrick) — 26.731
  6. Ryan Blaney (Wood Bros.) — 26.766
  7. Austin Dillon (Childress) — 26.770
  8. Daniel Suarez (Joe Gibbs Racing) — 26.773
  9. Michael McDowell (Leavine Family) — 26.816
  10. AJ Allmendinger (JTG Daugherty) — 26.924
  11. Aric Almirola (Petty) — 26.972
  12. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Roush Fenway) — 27.034
  13. Ty Dillon (Germain) — 27.082
  14. Alex Bowman (Chevy wheel force) — 27.325
  15. JJ Yeley (Toyota wheel force) — 27.337
  16. Landon Cassill (Ford wheel force) — 27.437

Videos from testing at Phoenix Raceway

Here are a couple quick videos to start off the two-day NASCAR test session at Phoenix Raceway.

First, check out Dale Earnhardt Jr. making his first public laps since suffering a concussion in July (he tested at Darlington in December, but that was private):

Also, Phoenix Raceway held a news conference Monday to announce some major changes to the track. Here’s a short recap of that: