Fan Profile: Jay Bobele

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Name: Jay Bobele

Location: Manchester, Md.

Twitter name:  @JayboAF

Age:  50.

1. How long have you been a NASCAR fan?

Since 1994.

2. How many races have you attended?

Wow…a ton! Probably 50 or so. I do about two to four races every year.

3. Who is your No. 1 favorite driver?

Mark Martin.

4. What made you a fan of his?

Class. When I started watching racing, he was the one really good driver that always showed class and raced people the same way they raced him. 

5. Who is your most disliked driver?

Tough one. There’s a lot that I didn’t like initially, but do now (like the Busch brothers and Kevin Harvick). But the overall winner has got to be Robby Gordon.

6. Why didn’t you like him?

Because he acted like a petulant child WAY too many times. Since he left, he’s done some great things, but when he was driving in NASCAR, WOW could he be a jerk!

7. What is your favorite track?

It’s a tie between Daytona and Charlotte, but I haven’t been to Martinsville yet (until this weekend) and I have a feeling that is going to be awesome!

8. What is one thing you would change if you were in charge of NASCAR?

We have to structure it so that the small teams have a fighting chance. The way it’s set up today favors the large teams. I’m not sure how we do that. The charters help a bit, but winning and showing competitiveness is what brings in the money. And in the end, money is what makes the sport go round.

9. What is one thing you would keep the same if you were in charge of NASCAR?

The elimination-style playoffs. That has worked VERY well!

10. How often do you yell at the TV during a race?

Um…far too much!

11. Do you have any advice for other fans?

Hang in there! I know there’s a lot of changes going on, but I do believe some of these changes have to happen in order to bring in new fans and keep the sport relevant. If you like Jeff Gluck, you’ll also like Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass), who provides a ton of great in-race info that you won’t see or hear on the TV or radio.

12. What else do you want the NASCAR world to know about you?

That I’m a proud dad of two awesome girls, a husband to an amazing wife (who empowers me in unbelievable ways), a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, and an excited small-business owner who loves racing and will do what I can to keep it moving!