Let’s talk about Fence Climber Guy

There are some real idiots in this world, and two of them are Richmond Fence Climber Guy and Dover Fence Climber Guy.

That’s right — NASCAR had another moron climb the fence during a race, this time in Turn 4 while cars were passing underneath him under the green flag!

Dover Fence Climber Guy is lucky he didn’t end up splattered all over the track, to be honest. Hopefully, he will be banned for life from the track as Richmond Fence Climber Guy was.

Look, this fence climbing stuff is way different than a fan running onto a football or baseball field. One false move (or the fence giving way), and Fence Climber Guy becomes Dead Fence Climber Guy, and thousands of people are traumatized after watching his death and it’s very terrible for everyone.

So please, don’t dare your drunk friends to do this or let this become a “thing” in NASCAR. It’s not funny. Really.

By the way, Dover Fence Climber Guy is currently in jail. According to the track, he was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and “offensive touching” on a law enforcement officer (not sure I want to know what happened there).

Anyway, again, don’t be a Fence Climber Guy.