Post-Talladega podcast with Alan Cavanna

Alan Cavanna from FOX Sports joins me to help break down all things Talladega, including the significance of a different Junior winning at ‘Dega, the famous Junior’s playoff hopes and whether people will vote it as a good race.

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  1. What made Stenhouse’s winning move on the 18 so much more impressive was that minutes earlier during the final restart, Kyle Busch got a considerably better jump — by himself — which Jeff Gordon would not stop commenting on from the booth. “I think the 18 has a different second gear than everybody else!” I thought Jeff was going to go personally tear down the 18 at R&D — he would just not shut up about Busch’s power. So I really thought the 18 would be strong enough to defend his lead. Stenhouse made it look easy, though. Right move, right time.

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