Post-Indianapolis Podcast with Tom Jensen and his son John

Former writer Tom Jensen  — now of — joins me along with his son, John, to break down the wild, wacky and controversial Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis.

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  1. Now there were actually TWO instances where the overtime line came in to play. Obviously, the mess with the second to last restart was CLEARLY not anywhere near the overtime line, and the last wreck obviously was a case where NASCAR pulled a fast one. Now, as I’ve said, the overtime line is far to far around the track. Put it at a point where the cars are coming out of turn two and both your previous instances where you thought the rule was not followed would not be a problem. The line is way too far around the track.

    The first instance today was clearly why the rule was put in place and was not a restart. The next, (last) restart was a restart. They just wrecked on the back stretch, far after they had started. The line is at the wrong place.

  2. Jeff, in the future you might want to tell your guests not to yell into the microphone. It also sounds like his enthusiasm is forced.

    Tom Jenson is nice, chill, reasonable though.

    1. Cody,
      John has a learning disability and does very good to express himself the way he does. Nothing forced there.

  3. Agree with “follow the rules” take. Also, agree with John on Harvick at Talladega, and Martin at Daytona.

    1. If you make a rule, apply it at all times to everyone. I don’t mind finishing a race under yellow, red, whatever. I’d rather not have overtime, and even if we do, get rid of the line. Just throw the yellow if there’s a wreck, and don’t delay it to fit a desired outcome.

    1. Dexter, Maybe he should never let you comment again.

      John is autistic and if you knew anything about Tom you would know that. Most people with his disability have a hard time communicating and would never even think about doing a podcast. I know Tom is proud of him and so am I.

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