Fantasy Chase picks: Las Vegas

Kyle Busch is the heavy favorite (according to you) to win at his hometown track of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Busch was the only driver to receive more than 100 votes, and he got a whopping 170.

In other news, we’re now up to 602 people in the Fantasy Chase game. Some people (including me) are still waiting to get more of a feel for the season before jumping in.

Here are your Las Vegas picks:

Twitter ID   Las Vegas
_Carlton Busch (Kyle)
1_an_only_watty Johnson
1996lineman Busch (Kurt)
1andonlybriton Busch (Kyle)
1youngster1 Logano
2015onfcm Busch (Kyle)
22hemi13 Johnson
2xMrK Logano
3cboysmommy Harvick
43packerdog Busch (Kyle)
49elessar Busch (Kyle)
50_chgreer Logano
A_Hyre88 Busch (Kyle)
aaronapeach Other
AaronBearden93 Earnhardt Jr.
abadacejr182288 Logano
absolutezero10 Other
Adam_Huth Logano
Adamdulski Busch (Kyle)
AdamGilliland81 Johnson
adamniemeyer Johnson
aestrada7 Other
ahaywood7 Harvick
AJsTake Logano
AlekBalvanz Logano
alexboardman18 Johnson
algola Busch (Kyle)
alter40 Busch (Kyle)
amandac141 Kenseth
AndrewGresenz Busch (Kyle)
Andy_Hamilton Harvick
AndyDow13 Harvick
AndyGerdis Busch (Kyle)
andylnava Johnson
andypiercefield Johnson
annoyingracefan Other
Anthony_barbone Keselowski
Apiannone Busch (Kurt)
AppBUCKEYE31 Kenseth
ardydorman16 Harvick
arittle82 Other
arlenekrue Harvick
ArtistNancyNuce Busch (Kyle)
ashaver13 Johnson
ashinyobject Edwards
b_miller27 Busch (Kyle)
b_verba Kenseth
Badger_282 Johnson
BadGroove Other
bailey_queen Johnson
batchley3 Keselowski
Bcragg12 Kenseth
becproc32 Keselowski
benthurman Kenseth
bflo360 Busch (Kyle)
bharden94 Johnson
bhauff_549 Other
biggest4fan Harvick
BigLiciousT Other
billy_dowdy Busch (Kyle)
BillyBlue37 Harvick
bjpcyclone Harvick
blackhawker81 Busch (Kyle)
Bleichjesse Hamlin
bobdare18 Logano
boluce78 Harvick
Boop2366 Busch (Kyle)
bossmom321 Busch (Kyle)
Bouchard8833 Johnson
BPierce158 Kenseth
Bpolking Busch (Kyle)
BradBaker81 Keselowski
BradBoggz Logano
Bradley_016 Busch (Kyle)
brandirpitts Johnson
BrantsAccount Logano
BrentWright24 Edwards
Bretmalone19 Other
Breweripa Harvick
BrianCullather Harvick
briang3386 Logano
Briankertscher Earnhardt Jr.
briankupp Busch (Kyle)
britahearn Busch (Kyle)
BScharfschwerdt Harvick
BSHELL00 Keselowski
Btownbombers18 Kenseth
BurlRolett Harvick
c_velin Busch (Kurt)
cablemike1234 Busch (Kyle)
CamAndHollysmom Johnson
campbell_sh Busch (Kyle)
candcdawgs Busch (Kyle)
cannon_jen Other
Captain_Bert Harvick
CaptComeback Busch (Kurt)
cards_fan_66 Busch (Kyle)
Carlajarvi Keselowski
CARSTourDigest Keselowski
caseylandrum15 Keselowski
cdaviswx Hamlin
Cesar_Chris Johnson
CGPanda Harvick
Cgros127 Logano
Chad_Reno13 Busch (Kyle)
chadalmond10 Johnson
chasedaddy88 Busch (Kyle)
Chevy3dude Kenseth
chris_siebold22 Busch (Kyle)
ChrisHarvey33 Keselowski
chrismorgan1287 Johnson
chrisse80 Busch (Kyle)
chrisskreager Busch (Kyle)
chrissmith4real Logano
chrisstamper5 Johnson
Christian_Racin Johnson
Chrls14 Edwards
chuck_atl Johnson
Chutt Busch (Kyle)
CJLecher Johnson
clarinetbiter13 Busch (Kyle)
claytonroots Busch (Kurt)
Clint8813 Kenseth
Clintljones Edwards
closedmic Harvick
Cmac1840 Johnson
Cmdavis01 Johnson
CMoncsko3n32 Harvick
cmphili Other
cnleal34 Logano
coach1228 Busch (Kyle)
cocobeware33 Harvick
cody_hitchens Johnson
Cody_Masse Johnson
CodyMcGhee4real Harvick
colemelesky Logano
con_co_b Busch (Kurt)
court_cloutier Other
cpeuterb Busch (Kyle)
cracks1313 Kenseth
craigweber33 Johnson
crmtdeno1 Busch (Kurt)
Crossbowftw3 Busch (Kyle)
cswiecki84 Logano
curiousrhinos Hamlin
cwat97 Earnhardt Jr.
dabrowmatt Busch (Kyle)
Dalejrscar Keselowski
dallasjhawk Busch (Kyle)
dallasjunebug Earnhardt Jr.
damorgan86 Kenseth
Dan_Hope Kenseth
Daniels_Caudill Edwards
danikamriggs Edwards
DarrenEvans01 Harvick
DaveTom1124 Johnson
David.miaso Hamlin
DavidShaw007 Harvick
db6speed Busch (Kyle)
DDeFruscio Busch (Kyle)
Dean15loftin Busch (Kyle)
DennisBarkerJr Keselowski
derekmcl1817 Logano
Deuce_Staley Johnson
Devin_Herr Busch (Kyle)
dgoodin24 Johnson
dhopkinsjr Kenseth
dickiep1018 Edwards
Digertwo Busch (Kurt)
DillonSims Busch (Kyle)
dillsburg Truex
DJstatman482454 Busch (Kyle)
dmcgrew Johnson
Doctor_Content Kenseth
drlaswell48 Johnson
DustinAlbino Johnson
Dutchfunctional Harvick
dwilwer Kenseth
echo837 Other
edeme3 Harvick
ejkoolkid13 Logano
ekb2p Busch (Kyle)
Elchuque Logano
ElijahWhosoever Busch (Kyle)
Ellemccrone Hamlin
erica242424 Busch (Kyle)
Ericgar62 Logano
EricKChmiel Busch (Kyle)
EricSoderburg Edwards
erikscheub Busch (Kurt)
erinthetraveler Busch (Kyle)
ETSmith09 Harvick
fatbuzz66 Edwards
Fatump44 Keselowski
fbme4 Johnson
fede_olle Logano
Feltz14 Johnson
Fhatmaker Johnson
FinleyFactor Kenseth
Firextgman Busch (Kyle)
Forrest55 Harvick
FreakyFast48 Busch (Kyle)
ftimcollins Busch (Kyle)
furcick Earnhardt Jr.
g_man_joe Hamlin
gail0590 Johnson
Gary lumbquest Harvick
Gary88Marion Earnhardt Jr.
GDB24ever Logano
ghollenhead Keselowski
gibsterville Harvick
glennbehave Busch (Kyle)
goldsworthysae Busch (Kyle)
Golfergraft64 Busch (Kyle)
Gottajibboo7 Busch (Kyle)
grant_camp Busch (Kyle)
greenfield88 Logano
gregatkins Keselowski
gregmmiller Kenseth
GregNardine Johnson
GriffinEldred Harvick
griffiths7478 Busch (Kyle)
grooter4 Johnson
Groupsects Johnson
grovesbrady Busch (Kyle)
Grrrowlguy Johnson
gypsy530 Harvick
hanklee89 Other
Harryhood10 Johnson
HazelGatorGirl Johnson
HD388 Edwards
HeavyRightFoot Harvick
helenj50 Busch (Kyle)
hereforSR Harvick
HonestlySherry Earnhardt Jr.
huth88 Keselowski
hzirbel Busch (Kurt)
IggyZogspot Edwards
ILuvthe88and78 Other
Imsteveking Busch (Kyle)
ineedclarity14 Johnson
Iowanascarfan Johnson
Jabo4_Fan Johnson
jacksond09 Busch (Kurt)
Jamiewallace15 Busch (Kyle)
JasonD2k14 Edwards
Jasonherbst88 Kenseth
JayJayDean Busch (Kyle)
jayua Harvick
jbraggrn Busch (Kurt)
jccavins Kenseth
Jcewing0614 Busch (Kyle)
Jddorman2 Harvick
jedyotesfan Truex
jeffgh24 Busch (Kyle)
jeffschmidt71 Keselowski
jenbrott Busch (Kyle)
jeremiahdavis10 Johnson
Jeremy_Sparks Harvick
Jess43x8 Johnson
jessbartzick Hamlin
jesse_696969 Busch (Kyle)
jesse_696969 Harvick
JG24Wife Keselowski
Jgmfan Harvick
JHuchingson Busch (Kyle)
Jim_Udder Earnhardt Jr.
jimmysand1 Busch (Kurt)
JimRouse96 Busch (Kyle)
JimSannes Earnhardt Jr.
JJ48524 Other
jjroy64029 Busch (Kyle)
JJrush4 Harvick
Joe94wilde Harvick
joebeck24 Kenseth
joey4542001 Busch (Kyle)
JoeyLoganoFan22 Harvick
johnbbatdorf Logano
johnnyracer24 Busch (Kyle)
JohnPerdue Kenseth
JohnsonErikM Johnson
jojoluvs18 Busch (Kyle)
JonCowan08 Keselowski
Josefpramirez Busch (Kyle)
JosephMMcBride Harvick
JoshBralley Johnson
joshclark018 Keselowski
joshlook24 Kenseth
JoshuaCloninger Harvick
jpbdteach12 Harvick
Jraymond87 Keselowski
Jrdrift01 Busch (Kyle)
jrgreatdriver Busch (Kyle)
Jrioux_ Busch (Kyle)
jrock2481 Busch (Kyle)
Jsf354 Harvick
jshanerector Busch (Kyle)
jshellabarger11 Busch (Kyle)
jsmith123nv Kenseth
jsoupzzz Logano
jsteen234 Busch (Kyle)
JTonQ Keselowski
julie_huth Busch (Kyle)
JustinC_Webster Keselowski
justinleedy Kenseth
justinnett Keselowski
Justjay74 Hamlin
Karimcgowanhob Johnson
katiecole125 Keselowski
Kaylamarieklahn Edwards
kcirtaphcir Edwards
Kehuff Busch (Kurt)
Keith_Marek Busch (Kyle)
KeithGHIll Busch (Kyle)
kennethriggs Busch (Kyle)
KevinRHatfield Busch (Kurt)
kevmastro Harvick
Kfisher88 Busch (Kyle)
kgee61 Busch (Kurt)
khard17 Logano
Kharvfanfla15 Johnson
Kimberlybak88 Busch (Kurt)
Kimery Harvick
Kingtut2110 Harvick
kjfinks22champ Johnson
kjflye Keselowski
Klightbown Busch (Kyle)
Kraig_Doremus Kenseth
kristidbm Kenseth
KristinaFulk Harvick
Kristinsteede Busch (Kyle)
krsheart Busch (Kyle)
KyleRice88 Busch (Kyle)
l_meister Busch (Kyle)
l70uke Busch (Kyle)
lance_sells Harvick
LeeB4mk20 Kenseth
Leonletitride Busch (Kyle)
LetKurtRace Busch (Kyle)
letseatsomedirt Harvick
Liam_redford Logano
LLWWOODD Busch (Kyle)
Lmr88 Busch (Kurt)
LoganReardon20 Logano
Logybayer Busch (Kyle)
longtimeracefan Busch (Kyle)
lorils79 Busch (Kyle)
Lowes48isgreat Busch (Kyle)
loweslaura48 Johnson
LSHenshaw Earnhardt Jr.
Lucas_LaBonte Johnson
Luke_kane58 Busch (Kyle)
M_Barbone Busch (Kyle)
M_Huff99 Keselowski
MAButz Johnson
macd_6 Busch (Kyle)
Maddog2020 Busch (Kyle)
Magic1980 Other
MagnumPE Keselowski
manderson124 Kenseth
marc_b Busch (Kyle)
marcusmacc829 Logano
mariah_gary Harvick
mark_ligon Busch (Kyle)
Mark_mello818 Other
MarkRH Harvick
markvphotos Edwards
marlinjones133 Hamlin
marty11196 Keselowski
martychard Busch (Kyle)
matt_toasty Logano
Mattbunn01 Keselowski
mattcribbs Johnson
Mattdobson_7 Johnson
Matthew_Ryan4 Harvick
matthewbrown_ Kenseth
mattley_crue Harvick
MattNicholson10 Busch (Kurt)
MaximeB92 Keselowski
MBishopPhotos Busch (Kyle)
mbrendle2 Busch (Kyle)
McAdamsNick1 Harvick
MChance129 Johnson
mdevelin Busch (Kyle)
MeriJmeri Busch (Kyle)
MFroger Busch (Kyle)
mhawkATL Busch (Kyle)
Mhouser88 Kenseth
MiamiWinR Harvick
Michaelclehmann Harvick
michaeldanger19 Kenseth
michaeljrspeers Logano
MichaelKaluknak Busch (Kyle)
Michiganfan1988 Edwards
Mike Farlinger Logano
mikemcvea Johnson
MikeS_127 Logano
MitchellB66 Keselowski
mmarkaholic Keselowski
moneil87 Busch (Kyle)
monfud20 Earnhardt Jr.
mononinc Harvick
MoWhi Busch (Kyle)
Mr_BR8SIDE Busch (Kyle)
mrittenhouse84 Kenseth
Mrsdmvh Johnson
mstjohn_ Busch (Kyle)
msudawg7880 Kenseth
MusicSportsFun Johnson
mwrjgrfan Keselowski
Nancyjo12 Busch (Kyle)
nascarcasm Harvick
nascardisney88 Earnhardt Jr.
nate_cook3 Harvick
Nickfreshfocus Logano
nickkocuba10 Keselowski
nickler6 Earnhardt Jr.
nitsud13007 Logano
Noooooname9 Harvick
nuggie99 Harvick
Nuyiwanski Harvick
NYR_FreakyFast4 Earnhardt Jr.
oldguyjk Kenseth
oldsporttlt Busch (Kyle)
orngflmngo Harvick
Ost1ng Busch (Kyle)
over7par Kenseth
OzManCometh26 Johnson
PackerDuke Johnson
pamnielsen Kenseth
patmal_8 Busch (Kyle)
patriotindiana Busch (Kyle)
paulineemma Busch (Kurt)
PAXLS Keselowski
Peidelaney Truex
PenskeFan22122 Other
Pete__uk Busch (Kyle)
PhotoMatt_KCCO Busch (Kyle)
Pilot_jeff Harvick
PlankShow Busch (Kurt)
Plouffe24Fan Other
Plumbcrzy Kenseth
Poconojoe24 Busch (Kyle)
possum19 Other
Pour_George Busch (Kyle)
pwn3d781 Logano
quinnicans08 Busch (Kyle)
race4timbergirl Busch (Kyle)
Race5599 Kenseth
RacingBedgood Earnhardt Jr.
Racingwench Harvick
ramonmorales Busch (Kyle)
RandomNASCARFan Busch (Kurt)
rankin18 Busch (Kyle)
rblgrl95 Busch (Kyle)
rcracer20 Johnson
Rdawg297 Busch (Kyle)
rdgordon Johnson
readymixchick Harvick
Realharrington1 Busch (Kyle)
RealJDogg_82 Busch (Kyle)
recjus85 Busch (Kyle)
rfilkin Busch (Kyle)
Riaelinor Logano
RichGuy24 Johnson
RIRPrez Keselowski
RJalias Earnhardt Jr.
rjwaggs007 Keselowski
rkonion Edwards
Rlaffertyatc Busch (Kyle)
rlberryyogi Busch (Kyle)
rluke029 Kenseth
Rmonk2881 Busch (Kyle)
RobCMiller00 Busch (Kyle)
robertrich Other
robsbigfish Johnson
Rodake Keselowski
rossrbrockman Keselowski
RossTaylor3_88 Busch (Kyle)
rustdigity Harvick
Ry_24 Harvick
ryan2929 Harvick
RyanHep24 Johnson
ryanhorne1028 Johnson
savannahpr16 Harvick
Schmoe84 Kenseth
scottaltimaman Johnson
ScottWilfong Edwards
Scubazuke Johnson
scuddystud Kenseth
Sebring88 Busch (Kurt)
seemsuncertain Johnson
Senna94 Busch (Kyle)
SGW3188 Johnson
shaneiliff Busch (Kyle)
shaunpresley48 Logano
SheldenReynolds Harvick
ShowtimeChase Keselowski
silentnpale Busch (Kyle)
SilversteinPaul Logano
SJRenko22 Keselowski
slick_track Earnhardt Jr.
Smally127 Harvick
Smids09 Logano
Smith98102 Logano
smithsan Busch (Kyle)
smoothG0DFATH3R Kenseth
snowybwm Keselowski
soller00 Logano
SouthernNutmeg Busch (Kyle)
spadilly Logano
Spalmer88 Busch (Kyle)
Spencergary Harvick
spencergogol Hamlin
stale_dorito Busch (Kyle)
steelerballs Busch (Kyle)
stephenlochner Keselowski
stevemcl68 Busch (Kyle)
SteveRuth1 Earnhardt Jr.
Stolyaviatrs32 Harvick
sublump Earnhardt Jr.
SubmarineMIke88 Kenseth
SuperBee24 Johnson
Surlymalcontent Busch (Kyle)
T_fresh94 Logano
T_Hughes17 Busch (Kyle)
T_VanDenHeuvel Edwards
TalladegaVT Johnson
tampawriter89 Keselowski
Tannera94 Johnson
Tater01 Johnson
TayBar80 Busch (Kyle)
TbeerON Kenseth
tct97 Busch (Kyle)
tealjaguar Logano
TeamNewman31 Harvick
teb41360 Kenseth
tebowmanning Busch (Kyle)
Techno_muse Busch (Kurt)
terrymadill Harvick
TerrySm88451466 Harvick
Terryweems Logano
TerryWilfong Johnson
Tezmo8 Logano
thatbuzz_1225 Busch (Kurt)
THE_mrcase Busch (Kyle)
the_real_tc_ Busch (Kyle)
TheAaron98 Busch (Kyle)
Thebigshmoog Johnson
TheDrewCrook Harvick
TheGreatDanBaer Kenseth
thejosh20 Johnson
themattweber Busch (Kurt)
TheOrangeCone Johnson
ThePanamaTed Keselowski
THIB24 Busch (Kurt)
Thunder_Cat_4 Keselowski
timbankerjr Logano
TimMastroDSN Logano
Toby_Christie Johnson
TonyPersinger Harvick
TonyS24_43 Earnhardt Jr.
Toyotavols Busch (Kyle)
TravisC_48 Johnson
Travisparks24 Keselowski
travpiercefield Busch (Kyle)
TrentTholstrup Johnson
trevormurphy73 Kenseth
tricia88fan Harvick
tslagle15 Busch (Kurt)
ttfaraway Busch (Kyle)
turbojunker Other
Turtle_shelds Busch (Kyle)
Tweet_Till Hamlin
TysonLaut23 Johnson
vasteve(dad) Johnson
vasteve(son) Harvick
velvetkat Busch (Kyle)
vern30stein Busch (Kyle)
veston75 Busch (Kyle)
VinnieV77 Busch (Kyle)
w3kn Kenseth
wesstull Busch (Kurt)
Will_reich33 Busch (Kyle)
williambabcock Harvick
wilwielgosz Johnson
wis41fan Busch (Kurt)
wpxiDoubleOnes Johnson
wyocat50 Kenseth
Yoshski13 Busch (Kurt)
YourDadIsMyFrog Busch (Kyle)
yousailor2 Harvick
Yragnodrog Earnhardt Jr.
ZackaryDWilson Harvick
ZHorrallBU Johnson
Ztew Kenseth
ZTsmiley Busch (Kyle)

Fantasy Chase results: Atlanta

A lot of people had Jimmie Johnson winning Atlanta — 141 people, in fact — and they were all correct. Nice work.

But you know what’s amazing? We have five people in the Fantasy Chase who are TWO-FOR-TWO to start the year!

You read that correctly: @dean15loftin, @timbankerjr, @SteveRuth1, @patmal_8 and @jrock2481 all picked Denny Hamlin to win the Daytona 500 and then got the Atlanta pick right as well. So they only need three more wins in the next 24 races to make the Fantasy Chase. Impressive!

By the way, you might be wondering who they picked next. Here’s a sneak peek:

— @dean15loftin, @patmal_8 and @jrock2481 both have Kyle Busch at Las Vegas

— @SteveRuth1 has Dale Earnhardt Jr.

— @timbankerjr has Joey Logano

Can one of them go three-for-three to start the year?

Congrats to all of this week’s winners:

Gary lumbquest
Mike Farlinger

Fantasy Chase picks: Atlanta

We’re already up to 570 players in the Fantasy Chase, which is a bit surprising considering everyone had the option this year to wait a few weeks (or longer) to see how the racing went before making your picks. In fact, I’m still waiting a couple more weeks before jumping on board with my selections.

But hey, who am I to judge your strategy? I didn’t even make the Fantasy Chase last year! So maybe this will work for you guys and I’ll be left out again for waiting too long.

The most popular picks this week are Jimmie Johnson (141 people) and Kevin Harvick (132). No one else got more than 100 selections.

Here are your Atlanta picks:

Twitter ID   Atlanta
_Carlton Busch (Kurt)
1_an_only_watty Keselowski
1996lineman Harvick
1andonlybriton Busch (Kyle)
1youngster1 Johnson
2015onfcm Johnson
22hemi13 Logano
2xMrK Edwards
3cboysmommy Busch (Kyle)
43packerdog Harvick
49elessar Busch (Kurt)
50_chgreer Harvick
A_Hyre88 Johnson
aaronapeach Other
AaronBearden93 Edwards
abadacejr182288 Busch (Kyle)
absolutezero10 Other
Adam_Huth Harvick
Adamdulski Busch (Kyle)
AdamGilliland81 Busch (Kyle)
adamniemeyer Hamlin
aestrada7 Harvick
ahaywood7 Johnson
AJsTake Johnson
AlekBalvanz Johnson
alexboardman18 Edwards
algola Johnson
alter40 Busch (Kyle)
amandac141 Johnson
AndrewGresenz Harvick
Andy_Hamilton Johnson
AndyDow13 Busch (Kyle)
andylnava Logano
andypiercefield Busch (Kyle)
annoyingracefan Earnhardt Jr.
Anthony_barbone Busch (Kyle)
Apiannone Johnson
AppBUCKEYE31 Johnson
arittle82 Other
arlenekrue Johnson
ArtistNancyNuce Johnson
ashaver13 Johnson
ashinyobject Keselowski
b_miller27 Harvick
b_verba Busch (Kyle)
Badger_282 Logano
BadGroove Busch (Kyle)
bailey_queen Harvick
batchley3 Johnson
Bcragg12 Busch (Kyle)
becproc32 Johnson
bflo360 Logano
bharden94 Harvick
bhauff_549 Johnson
biggest4fan Harvick
BigLiciousT Logano
billy_dowdy Harvick
BillyBlue37 Keselowski
bjpcyclone Johnson
blackhawker81 Logano
Bleichjesse Busch (Kyle)
bobdare18 Busch (Kyle)
boluce78 Johnson
Boop2366 Other
bossmom321 Harvick
Bouchard8833 Busch (Kyle)
BPierce158 Johnson
Bpolking Johnson
BradBaker81 Harvick
BradBoggz Harvick
Bradley_016 Logano
brandirpitts Harvick
BrantsAccount Busch (Kyle)
BrentWright24 Harvick
Bretmalone19 Other
Breweripa Johnson
BrianCullather Busch (Kyle)
briang3386 Johnson
Briankertscher Earnhardt Jr.
briankupp Johnson
britahearn Keselowski
BScharfschwerdt Johnson
BSHELL00 Edwards
Btownbombers18 Other
BurlRolett Busch (Kyle)
CamAndHollysmom Busch (Kyle)
campbell_sh Johnson
candcdawgs Kenseth
cannon_jen Edwards
Captain_Bert Johnson
CaptComeback Edwards
cards_fan_66 Logano
Carlajarvi Kenseth
CARSTourDigest Harvick
caseylandrum15 Kenseth
cdaviswx Hamlin
Cesar_Chris Johnson
CGPanda Harvick
Cgros127 Logano
chadalmond10 Busch (Kyle)
chasedaddy88 Johnson
Chevy3dude Busch (Kyle)
chris_siebold22 Harvick
ChrisHarvey33 Logano
chrismorgan1287 Logano
chrisse80 Johnson
chrisskreager Kenseth
chrisstamper5 Harvick
Christian_Racin Harvick
Chrls14 Harvick
chuck_atl Harvick
CJLecher Harvick
clarinetbiter13 Edwards
Clint8813 Busch (Kyle)
Clintljones Busch (Kurt)
closedmic Johnson
Cmac1840 Busch (Kyle)
Cmdavis01 Harvick
CMoncsko3n32 Edwards
cmphili Other
cnleal34 Harvick
coach1228 Hamlin
cocobeware33 Harvick
cody_hitchens Harvick
Cody_Masse Logano
CodyMcGhee4real Logano
con_co_b Hamlin
court_cloutier Other
cpeuterb Harvick
cracks1313 Keselowski
craigweber33 Busch (Kyle)
crmtdeno1 Harvick
Crossbowftw3 Johnson
cswiecki84 Busch (Kyle)
curiousrhinos Busch (Kyle)
dabrowmatt Logano
Dalejrscar Hamlin
dallasjhawk Harvick
dallasjunebug Logano
damorgan86 Johnson
Dan_Hope Logano
Daniels_Caudill Other
danikamriggs Harvick
DarrenEvans01 Johnson
DaveTom1124 Harvick
David.miaso Johnson
DavidShaw007 Busch (Kurt)
db6speed Busch (Kyle)
DDeFruscio Logano
Dean15loftin Johnson
DennisBarkerJr Logano
derekmcl1817 Harvick
Devin_Herr Kenseth
dgoodin24 Johnson
dickiep1018 Johnson
Digertwo Busch (Kyle)
DillonSims Busch (Kyle)
dillsburg Harvick
DJstatman482454 Kenseth
dmcgrew Johnson
Doctor_Content Other
drlaswell48 Harvick
DustinAlbino Logano
Dutchfunctional Logano
dwilwer Busch (Kyle)
echo837 Logano
edeme3 Johnson
ejkoolkid13 Edwards
ekb2p Keselowski
Elchuque Busch (Kyle)
ElijahWhosoever Kenseth
Ellemccrone Harvick
erica242424 Harvick
Ericgar62 Harvick
EricKChmiel Busch (Kyle)
EricSoderburg Johnson
erikscheub Johnson
erinthetraveler Harvick
ETSmith09 Harvick
Fatump44 Harvick
fbme4 Harvick
fede_olle Busch (Kyle)
Feltz14 Busch (Kyle)
Fhatmaker Johnson
FinleyFactor Logano
Firextgman Harvick
Forrest55 Busch (Kyle)
FreakyFast48 Johnson
ftimcollins Harvick
g_man_joe Busch (Kyle)
gail0590 Harvick
Gary lumbquest Johnson
Gary88Marion Harvick
GDB24ever Earnhardt Jr.
ghollenhead Harvick
gibsterville Keselowski
glennbehave Busch (Kyle)
goldsworthysae Harvick
Golfergraft64 Kenseth
Gottajibboo7 Other
greenfield88 Busch (Kyle)
gregatkins Edwards
gregmmiller Logano
GregNardine Harvick
GriffinEldred Johnson
grooter4 Logano
Groupsects Johnson
grovesbrady Busch (Kyle)
Grrrowlguy Edwards
gypsy530 Earnhardt Jr.
hanklee89 Busch (Kyle)
Harryhood10 Earnhardt Jr.
HazelGatorGirl Hamlin
HD388 Kenseth
HeavyRightFoot Edwards
helenj50 Logano
hereforSR Johnson
HonestlySherry Logano
huth88 Johnson
hzirbel Logano
IggyZogspot Johnson
ILuvthe88and78 Johnson
Imsteveking Harvick
ineedclarity14 Earnhardt Jr.
Iowanascarfan Hamlin
Jabo4_Fan Harvick
jacksond09 Harvick
Jamiewallace15 Harvick
JasonD2k14 Busch (Kyle)
JayJayDean Johnson
jayua Logano
jccavins Keselowski
Jcewing0614 Harvick
Jddorman2 Johnson
jedyotesfan Harvick
jeffgh24 Johnson
jeffschmidt71 Johnson
jenbrott Johnson
jeremiahdavis10 Busch (Kyle)
Jeremy_Sparks Harvick
Jess43x8 Logano
jessbartzick Johnson
jesse_696969 Hamlin
JG24Wife Earnhardt Jr.
Jgmfan Busch (Kyle)
JHuchingson Johnson
Jim_Udder Busch (Kurt)
jimmysand1 Busch (Kyle)
JimRouse96 Keselowski
JimSannes Harvick
JJ48524 Harvick
jjroy64029 Other
JJrush4 Keselowski
Joe94wilde Busch (Kurt)
joebeck24 Busch (Kurt)
joey4542001 Logano
JoeyLoganoFan22 Keselowski
johnbbatdorf Harvick
johnnyracer24 Johnson
JohnPerdue Busch (Kyle)
JohnsonErikM Harvick
jojoluvs18 Busch (Kurt)
JonCowan08 Other
Josefpramirez Busch (Kyle)
JosephMMcBride Johnson
JoshBralley Harvick
joshclark018 Harvick
joshlook24 Harvick
JoshuaCloninger Edwards
jpbdteach12 Johnson
Jraymond87 Logano
Jrdrift01 Harvick
jrgreatdriver Harvick
Jrioux_ Logano
jrock2481 Johnson
Jsf354 Busch (Kurt)
jshanerector Johnson
jshellabarger11 Harvick
jsmith123nv Harvick
jsoupzzz Busch (Kyle)
jsteen234 Edwards
JTonQ Harvick
julie_huth Logano
JustinC_Webster Harvick
justinleedy Busch (Kyle)
justinnett Harvick
Justjay74 Harvick
Karimcgowanhob Harvick
katiecole125 Johnson
Kaylamarieklahn Harvick
kcirtaphcir Harvick
Kehuff Busch (Kyle)
Keith_Marek Other
KeithGHIll Harvick
kennethriggs Johnson
KevinRHatfield Kenseth
kevmastro Logano
Kfisher88 Harvick
kgee61 Harvick
khard17 Keselowski
Kharvfanfla15 Busch (Kyle)
Kimery Johnson
Kingtut2110 Edwards
kjfinks22champ Harvick
kjflye Other
Klightbown Kenseth
Kraig_Doremus Johnson
kristidbm Busch (Kyle)
KristinaFulk Johnson
Kristinsteede Harvick
krsheart Logano
KyleRice88 Truex
l_meister Logano
l70uke Johnson
lance_sells Hamlin
LeeB4mk20 Busch (Kyle)
Leonletitride Hamlin
LetKurtRace Johnson
letseatsomedirt Keselowski
Liam_redford Kenseth
LLWWOODD Keselowski
Lmr88 Harvick
LoganReardon20 Harvick
Logybayer Busch (Kyle)
longtimeracefan Edwards
lorils79 Hamlin
Lowes48isgreat Johnson
loweslaura48 Edwards
LSHenshaw Johnson
Lucas_LaBonte Harvick
Luke_kane58 Johnson
M_Barbone Edwards
M_Huff99 Harvick
MAButz Busch (Kyle)
macd_6 Logano
Maddog2020 Harvick
Magic1980 Hamlin
MagnumPE Johnson
manderson124 Johnson
marc_b Busch (Kyle)
marcusmacc829 Edwards
mariah_gary Harvick
mark_ligon Harvick
Mark_mello818 Harvick
MarkRH Logano
markvphotos Johnson
marlinjones133 Keselowski
marty11196 Harvick
martychard Kenseth
matt_toasty Busch (Kyle)
Mattbunn01 Kenseth
mattcribbs Harvick
Mattdobson_7 Busch (Kyle)
Matthew_Ryan4 Harvick
matthewbrown_ Harvick
mattley_crue Johnson
MattNicholson10 Hamlin
MaximeB92 Johnson
MBishopPhotos Harvick
mbrendle2 Harvick
McAdamsNick1 Logano
MChance129 Busch (Kurt)
mdevelin Harvick
MeriJmeri Johnson
MFroger Johnson
mhawkATL Harvick
Mhouser88 Keselowski
MiamiWinR Kenseth
Michaelclehmann Johnson
michaeldanger19 Logano
michaeljrspeers Keselowski
MichaelKaluknak Earnhardt Jr.
Michiganfan1988 Harvick
Mike Farlinger Johnson
mikemcvea Edwards
MikeS_127 Busch (Kurt)
MitchellB66 Logano
mmarkaholic Logano
moneil87 Harvick
monfud20 Kenseth
MoWhi Logano
Mr_BR8SIDE Keselowski
mrittenhouse84 Harvick
Mrsdmvh Harvick
mstjohn_ Johnson
msudawg7880 Busch (Kyle)
MusicSportsFun Johnson
mwrjgrfan Logano
Nancyjo12 Kenseth
nascarcasm Johnson
nascardisney88 Harvick
nate_cook3 Harvick
nickkocuba10 Busch (Kyle)
nickler6 Johnson
nitsud13007 Harvick
nuggie99 Busch (Kyle)
Nuyiwanski Harvick
NYR_FreakyFast4 Johnson
oldguyjk Truex
oldsporttlt Harvick
orngflmngo Busch (Kyle)
Ost1ng Kenseth
over7par Johnson
OzManCometh26 Johnson
PackerDuke Edwards
pamnielsen Busch (Kyle)
patmal_8 Johnson
patriotindiana Edwards
paulineemma Johnson
PAXLS Logano
Peidelaney Other
PenskeFan22122 Keselowski
Pete__uk Harvick
PhotoMatt_KCCO Harvick
Pilot_jeff Busch (Kyle)
PlankShow Busch (Kyle)
Plouffe24Fan Harvick
Plumbcrzy Other
Poconojoe24 Kenseth
Pour_George Busch (Kyle)
pwn3d781 Johnson
quinnicans08 Johnson
race4timbergirl Kenseth
Race5599 Edwards
RacingBedgood Busch (Kyle)
Racingwench Busch (Kyle)
ramonmorales Johnson
RandomNASCARFan Edwards
rankin18 Johnson
rblgrl95 Edwards
rcracer20 Kenseth
Rdawg297 Busch (Kyle)
rdgordon Harvick
readymixchick Keselowski
Realharrington1 Logano
recjus85 Johnson
rfilkin Truex
Riaelinor Logano
RichGuy24 Johnson
RIRPrez Hamlin
RJalias Harvick
rjwaggs007 Busch (Kyle)
Rlaffertyatc Harvick
rlberryyogi Johnson
rluke029 Johnson
Rmonk2881 Kenseth
Rmonk8181 Harvick
RobCMiller00 Harvick
robertrich Johnson
robsbigfish Busch (Kyle)
Rodake Logano
rossrbrockman Edwards
RossTaylor3_88 Keselowski
rustdigity Johnson
Ry_24 Johnson
ryan2929 Johnson
RyanHep24 Edwards
ryanhorne1028 Harvick
savannahpr16 Johnson
Schmoe84 Edwards
scottaltimaman Johnson
ScottWilfong Edwards
scuddystud Johnson
Sebring88 Johnson
seemsuncertain Johnson
Senna94 Keselowski
SGW3188 Harvick
shaneiliff Other
shaunpresley48 Johnson
SheldenReynolds Johnson
ShowtimeChase Logano
silentnpale Other
SilversteinPaul Keselowski
SJRenko22 Johnson
slick_track Busch (Kurt)
Smally127 Busch (Kyle)
Smids09 Kenseth
Smith98102 Logano
smithsan Harvick
smoothG0DFATH3R Johnson
snowybwm Harvick
soller00 Johnson
SouthernNutmeg Johnson
spadilly Harvick
Spalmer88 Earnhardt Jr.
Spencergary Busch (Kyle)
spencergogol Keselowski
stale_dorito Johnson
stephenlochner Harvick
stevemcl68 Busch (Kyle)
SteveRuth1 Johnson
Stolyaviatrs32 Edwards
sublump Johnson
SubmarineMIke88 Harvick
SuperBee24 Johnson
Surlymalcontent Kenseth
T_fresh94 Johnson
T_Hughes17 Harvick
T_VanDenHeuvel Johnson
TalladegaVT Johnson
tampawriter89 Johnson
Tannera94 Harvick
Tater01 Busch (Kyle)
TayBar80 Logano
TbeerON Hamlin
tct97 Johnson
tealjaguar Johnson
TeamNewman31 Johnson
teb41360 Harvick
Techno_muse Other
terrymadill Johnson
TerrySm88451466 Johnson
Terryweems Busch (Kyle)
TerryWilfong Edwards
Tezmo8 Busch (Kyle)
thatbuzz_1225 Logano
THE_mrcase Kenseth
the_real_tc_ Harvick
TheAaron98 Johnson
Thebigshmoog Johnson
TheDrewCrook Edwards
TheGreatDanBaer Busch (Kurt)
thejosh20 Busch (Kyle)
themattweber Keselowski
TheOrangeCone Harvick
ThePanamaTed Johnson
THIB24 Edwards
Thunder_Cat_4 Kenseth
timbankerjr Johnson
TimMastroDSN Edwards
Toby_Christie Harvick
TonyS24_43 Other
Toyotavols Edwards
Travisparks24 Kenseth
travpiercefield Harvick
TrentTholstrup Johnson
trevormurphy73 Busch (Kyle)
tricia88fan Earnhardt Jr.
ttfaraway Kenseth
turbojunker Other
Turtle_shelds Johnson
Tweet_Till Johnson
TYLERMIZE Keselowski
TysonLaut23 Harvick
vasteve(dad) Edwards
vasteve(son) Logano
velvetkat Johnson
vern30stein Johnson
veston75 Johnson
VinnieV77 Johnson
w3kn Logano
wesstull Harvick
Will_reich33 Johnson
williambabcock Harvick
wilwielgosz Harvick
wis41fan Johnson
wpxiDoubleOnes Logano
wyocat50 Other
Yoshski13 Busch (Kyle)
YourDadIsMyFrog Busch (Kyle)
yousailor2 Busch (Kyle)
Yragnodrog Logano
ZackaryDWilson Busch (Kyle)
ZHorrallBU Edwards
Ztew Johnson
ZTsmiley Edwards

Fantasy Chase results: Daytona 500

Denny Hamlin’s Daytona 500 win made 35 people very happy, giving them a win in Week 1 of the Fantasy Chase.

The following 35 people now only need four more wins in the next 25 races to become Fantasy Chase-eligible.

As for the rest? Well, we’re all tied with zero.

Congrats to the Daytona winners:


Fantasy Chase picks: Daytona 500

Here we go with the first set of picks for the Fantasy Chase game.

Remember, if you haven’t signed up, you can still do so here: Signup link. But it’s now too late to make a Daytona 500 pick (sorry).

Here are the picks for Daytona in alphabetical order by Twitter ID. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the obvious favorite (duh).

Twitter ID   Daytona 500
_Carlton Earnhardt Jr.
1_an_only_watty Hamlin
1996lineman Busch (Kurt)
1andonlybriton Earnhardt Jr.
1youngster1 Earnhardt Jr.
43packerdog Kenseth
49elessar Johnson
50_chgreer Kenseth
A_Hyre88 Earnhardt Jr.
AaronBearden93 Earnhardt Jr.
abadacejr182288 Earnhardt Jr.
absolutezero10 Earnhardt Jr.
Adam_Huth Other
Adamdulski Other
AdamGilliland81 Earnhardt Jr.
adamniemeyer Earnhardt Jr.
aestrada7 Earnhardt Jr.
ahaywood7 Johnson
AJsTake Logano
AlekBalvanz Earnhardt Jr.
algola Earnhardt Jr.
alter40 Harvick
amandac141 Earnhardt Jr.
AndrewGresenz Earnhardt Jr.
AndyDow13 Earnhardt Jr.
andylnava Harvick
andypiercefield Other
annoyingracefan Other
Anthony_barbone Edwards
arittle82 Earnhardt Jr.
arlenekrue Earnhardt Jr.
ArtistNancyNuce Other
ashaver13 Busch (Kurt)
ashinyobject Other
b_miller27 Edwards
b_verba Earnhardt Jr.
Badger_282 Johnson
BadGroove Busch (Kurt)
bailey_queen Earnhardt Jr.
batchley3 Earnhardt Jr.
Bcragg12 Other
becproc32 Other
bflo360 Earnhardt Jr.
bharden94 Hamlin
bhauff_549 Earnhardt Jr.
biggest4fan Earnhardt Jr.
billy_dowdy Earnhardt Jr.
BillyBlue37 Earnhardt Jr.
bjpcyclone Earnhardt Jr.
blackhawker81 Other
Bleichjesse Earnhardt Jr.
bobdare18 Earnhardt Jr.
boluce78 Earnhardt Jr.
bossmom321 Logano
Bouchard8833 Earnhardt Jr.
BPierce158 Earnhardt Jr.
Bpolking Other
BradBaker81 Earnhardt Jr.
BradBoggz Hamlin
brandirpitts Earnhardt Jr.
BrantsAccount Earnhardt Jr.
BrentWright24 Earnhardt Jr.
Bretmalone19 Other
Breweripa Logano
BrianCullather Earnhardt Jr.
briang3386 Earnhardt Jr.
Briankertscher Earnhardt Jr.
briankupp Earnhardt Jr.
britahearn Earnhardt Jr.
BScharfschwerdt Kenseth
BSHELL00 Hamlin
Btownbombers18 Johnson
BurlRolett Earnhardt Jr.
campbell_sh Earnhardt Jr.
cannon_jen Earnhardt Jr.
Captain_Bert Earnhardt Jr.
CaptComeback Earnhardt Jr.
cards_fan_66 Earnhardt Jr.
Carlajarvi Earnhardt Jr.
CARSTourDigest Other
caseylandrum15 Hamlin
CGPanda Harvick
Cgros127 Earnhardt Jr.
chadalmond10 Earnhardt Jr.
chasedaddy88 Earnhardt Jr.
Chevy3dude Earnhardt Jr.
chris_siebold22 Earnhardt Jr.
ChrisHarvey33 Johnson
chrismorgan1287 Hamlin
chrisse80 Earnhardt Jr.
chrisskreager Busch (Kurt)
chrisstamper5 Earnhardt Jr.
Christian_Racin Kenseth
Chrls14 Other
chuck_atl Earnhardt Jr.
CJLecher Earnhardt Jr.
clarinetbiter13 Earnhardt Jr.
Clint8813 Other
Clintljones Other
Cmac1840 Hamlin
Cmdavis01 Earnhardt Jr.
CMoncsko3n32 Earnhardt Jr.
cmphili Other
coach1228 Earnhardt Jr.
cocobeware33 Earnhardt Jr.
Cody_Masse Earnhardt Jr.
CodyMcGhee4real Keselowski
con_co_b Busch (Kyle)
court_cloutier Earnhardt Jr.
cpeuterb Hamlin
craigweber33 Harvick
crmtdeno1 Earnhardt Jr.
Crossbowftw3 Harvick
cswiecki84 Keselowski
curiousrhinos Earnhardt Jr.
dabrowmatt Earnhardt Jr.
Dalejrscar Earnhardt Jr.
dallasjhawk Busch (Kurt)
damorgan86 Earnhardt Jr.
Dan_Hope Earnhardt Jr.
Daniels_Caudill Other
danikamriggs Other
DarrenEvans01 Earnhardt Jr.
DaveTom1124 Earnhardt Jr.
David.miaso Earnhardt Jr.
db6speed Busch (Kyle)
DDeFruscio Edwards
Dean15loftin Hamlin
DennisBarkerJr Earnhardt Jr.
derekmcl1817 Earnhardt Jr.
Devin_Herr Earnhardt Jr.
dgoodin24 Johnson
Digertwo Edwards
DillonSims Busch (Kurt)
dillsburg Other
DJstatman482454 Earnhardt Jr.
dmcgrew Johnson
drlaswell48 Earnhardt Jr.
DustinAlbino Earnhardt Jr.
Dutchfunctional Other
dwilwer Earnhardt Jr.
echo837 Earnhardt Jr.
edeme3 Earnhardt Jr.
ejkoolkid13 Busch (Kyle)
ekb2p Logano
ElijahWhosoever Earnhardt Jr.
Ellemccrone Entry deadline passed for this race; pick other races
erica242424 Earnhardt Jr.
Ericgar62 Earnhardt Jr.
EricKChmiel Earnhardt Jr.
EricSoderburg Other
erikscheub Other
erinthetraveler Hamlin
ETSmith09 Earnhardt Jr.
Fatump44 Earnhardt Jr.
fbme4 Earnhardt Jr.
Feltz14 Hamlin
Fhatmaker Harvick
FinleyFactor Earnhardt Jr.
Firextgman Earnhardt Jr.
Forrest55 Earnhardt Jr.
ftimcollins Harvick
g_man_joe Logano
gail0590 Earnhardt Jr.
Gary88Marion Earnhardt Jr.
GDB24ever Hamlin
ghollenhead Earnhardt Jr.
gibsterville Kenseth
glennbehave Earnhardt Jr.
goldsworthysae Earnhardt Jr.
Gottajibboo7 Johnson
greenfield88 Harvick
gregmmiller Other
GregNardine Earnhardt Jr.
GriffinEldred Edwards
grooter4 Earnhardt Jr.
Groupsects Earnhardt Jr.
Grrrowlguy Earnhardt Jr.
gypsy530 Earnhardt Jr.
hanklee89 Keselowski
Harryhood10 Harvick
HazelGatorGirl Other
HD388 Earnhardt Jr.
HeavyRightFoot Earnhardt Jr.
helenj50 Hamlin
hereforSR Earnhardt Jr.
hzirbel Earnhardt Jr.
IggyZogspot Earnhardt Jr.
ILuvthe88and78 Earnhardt Jr.
Imsteveking Earnhardt Jr.
ineedclarity14 Harvick
Iowanascarfan Earnhardt Jr.
Jabo4_Fan Hamlin
jacksond09 Other
Jamiewallace15 Earnhardt Jr.
JasonD2k14 Harvick
JayJayDean Earnhardt Jr.
jccavins Earnhardt Jr.
Jcewing0614 Earnhardt Jr.
Jddorman2 Earnhardt Jr.
jedyotesfan Earnhardt Jr.
jeffgh24 Other
jeffschmidt71 Earnhardt Jr.
jenbrott Other
jeremiahdavis10 Earnhardt Jr.
Jeremy_Sparks Earnhardt Jr.
Jess43x8 Earnhardt Jr.
jessbartzick Johnson
jesse_696969 Earnhardt Jr.
JG24Wife Hamlin
Jgmfan Earnhardt Jr.
JHuchingson Earnhardt Jr.
Jim_Udder Earnhardt Jr.
jimmysand1 Earnhardt Jr.
JimRouse96 Hamlin
JimSannes Other
JJ48524 Hamlin
jjroy64029 Other
Joe94wilde Other
joebeck24 Earnhardt Jr.
joey4542001 Earnhardt Jr.
JoeyLoganoFan22 Logano
johnbbatdorf Earnhardt Jr.
johnnyracer24 Harvick
JohnPerdue Earnhardt Jr.
JohnsonErikM Earnhardt Jr.
jojoluvs18 Earnhardt Jr.
JonCowan08 Earnhardt Jr.
Josefpramirez Busch (Kyle)
JosephMMcBride Earnhardt Jr.
JoshBralley Earnhardt Jr.
joshclark018 Earnhardt Jr.
joshlook24 Keselowski
JoshuaCloninger Other
jpbdteach12 Earnhardt Jr.
Jraymond87 Johnson
Jrdrift01 Earnhardt Jr.
jrgreatdriver Earnhardt Jr.
Jrioux_ Earnhardt Jr.
jrock2481 Hamlin
Jsf354 Earnhardt Jr.
jshanerector Earnhardt Jr.
jshellabarger11 Hamlin
jsmith123nv Logano
jsoupzzz Other
jsteen234 Earnhardt Jr.
JTonQ Earnhardt Jr.
JustinC_Webster Earnhardt Jr.
justinleedy Johnson
justinnett Earnhardt Jr.
Justjay74 Edwards
Karimcgowanhob Earnhardt Jr.
katiecole125 Earnhardt Jr.
Kaylamarieklahn Earnhardt Jr.
kcirtaphcir Hamlin
Keith_Marek Earnhardt Jr.
kennethriggs Other
KevinRHatfield Earnhardt Jr.
kevmastro Hamlin
Kfisher88 Earnhardt Jr.
kgee61 Edwards
khard17 Busch (Kurt)
Kharvfanfla15 Other
Kimery Earnhardt Jr.
Kingtut2110 Earnhardt Jr.
kjfinks22champ Keselowski
Klightbown Earnhardt Jr.
Kraig_Doremus Earnhardt Jr.
kristidbm Earnhardt Jr.
KristinaFulk Earnhardt Jr.
Kristinsteede Earnhardt Jr.
KyleRice88 Earnhardt Jr.
l_meister Earnhardt Jr.
l70uke Other
lance_sells Earnhardt Jr.
LeeB4mk20 Harvick
Leonletitride Earnhardt Jr.
LetKurtRace Keselowski
letseatsomedirt Logano
Liam_redford Johnson
Lmr88 Earnhardt Jr.
LoganReardon20 Earnhardt Jr.
Logybayer Earnhardt Jr.
Lowes48isgreat Johnson
LSHenshaw Earnhardt Jr.
Lucas_LaBonte Earnhardt Jr.
Luke_kane58 Earnhardt Jr.
M_Barbone Keselowski
MAButz Earnhardt Jr.
macd_6 Earnhardt Jr.
Maddog2020 Earnhardt Jr.
Magic1980 Earnhardt Jr.
MagnumPE Earnhardt Jr.
marc_b Earnhardt Jr.
marcusmacc829 Other
mariah_gary Earnhardt Jr.
mark_ligon Earnhardt Jr.
Mark_mello818 Logano
MarkRH Other
markvphotos Kenseth
marlinjones133 Earnhardt Jr.
marty11196 Earnhardt Jr.
martychard Earnhardt Jr.
matt_toasty Earnhardt Jr.
Mattbunn01 Earnhardt Jr.
mattcribbs Earnhardt Jr.
Mattdobson_7 Earnhardt Jr.
Matthew_Ryan4 Earnhardt Jr.
mattley_crue Earnhardt Jr.
MattNicholson10 Earnhardt Jr.
MaximeB92 Earnhardt Jr.
MBishopPhotos Earnhardt Jr.
mbrendle2 Other
McAdamsNick1 Keselowski
MChance129 Hamlin
MeriJmeri Other
MFroger Harvick
mhawkATL Earnhardt Jr.
Mhouser88 Earnhardt Jr.
MiamiWinR Kenseth
Michaelclehmann Earnhardt Jr.
michaeldanger19 Earnhardt Jr.
michaeljrspeers Kenseth
MichaelKaluknak Keselowski
Mike Farlinger Earnhardt Jr.
mikemcvea Busch (Kyle)
MikeS_127 Earnhardt Jr.
MitchellB66 Keselowski
mmarkaholic Earnhardt Jr.
MoWhi Earnhardt Jr.
Mr_BR8SIDE Earnhardt Jr.
mrittenhouse84 Earnhardt Jr.
mstjohn_ Earnhardt Jr.
msudawg7880 Hamlin
nascarcasm Keselowski
nate_cook3 Busch (Kurt)
nickkocuba10 Earnhardt Jr.
nickler6 Earnhardt Jr.
nitsud13007 Hamlin
nuggie99 Johnson
Nuyiwanski Harvick
NYR_FreakyFast4 Harvick
oldguyjk Earnhardt Jr.
oldsporttlt Busch (Kurt)
orngflmngo Keselowski
Ost1ng Earnhardt Jr.
over7par Earnhardt Jr.
OzManCometh26 Johnson
PackerDuke Harvick
pamnielsen Earnhardt Jr.
patmal_8 Hamlin
patriotindiana Earnhardt Jr.
paulineemma Other
PAXLS Earnhardt Jr.
Peidelaney Keselowski
PenskeFan22122 Keselowski
Pete__uk Johnson
PhotoMatt_KCCO Earnhardt Jr.
Pilot_jeff Truex
PlankShow Earnhardt Jr.
Plouffe24Fan Earnhardt Jr.
Plumbcrzy Other
Poconojoe24 Busch (Kurt)
pwn3d781 Earnhardt Jr.
quinnicans08 Other
race4timbergirl Kenseth
Race5599 Earnhardt Jr.
RacingBedgood Logano
Racingwench Earnhardt Jr.
RandomNASCARFan Other
rblgrl95 Harvick
rcracer20 Hamlin
rdgordon Busch (Kyle)
readymixchick Earnhardt Jr.
Realharrington1 Earnhardt Jr.
recjus85 Other
Riaelinor Earnhardt Jr.
RichGuy24 Earnhardt Jr.
RIRPrez Busch (Kyle)
RJalias Earnhardt Jr.
rjwaggs007 Earnhardt Jr.
Rlaffertyatc Earnhardt Jr.
rlberryyogi Earnhardt Jr.
rluke029 Harvick
Rmonk2881 Earnhardt Jr.
Rmonk8181 Earnhardt Jr.
RobCMiller00 Earnhardt Jr.
robertrich Earnhardt Jr.
robsbigfish Earnhardt Jr.
RossTaylor3_88 Earnhardt Jr.
ROXRACIN Earnhardt Jr.
rustdigity Earnhardt Jr.
Ry_24 Earnhardt Jr.
ryan2929 Earnhardt Jr.
RyanHep24 Busch (Kurt)
ryanhorne1028 Earnhardt Jr.
savannahpr16 Earnhardt Jr.
Schmoe84 Earnhardt Jr.
scottaltimaman Johnson
ScottWilfong Edwards
scuddystud Earnhardt Jr.
Sebring88 Truex
seemsuncertain Earnhardt Jr.
Senna94 Other
SGW3188 Earnhardt Jr.
shaneiliff Earnhardt Jr.
SheldenReynolds Earnhardt Jr.
ShowtimeChase Kenseth
silentnpale Other
SilversteinPaul Other
SJRenko22 Other
slick_track Earnhardt Jr.
Smally127 Earnhardt Jr.
Smids09 Earnhardt Jr.
Smith98102 Other
smithsan Busch (Kyle)
snowybwm Harvick
soller00 Earnhardt Jr.
SouthernNutmeg Earnhardt Jr.
spadilly Earnhardt Jr.
Spencergary Earnhardt Jr.
spencergogol Other
stale_dorito Other
stephenlochner Hamlin
stevemcl68 Busch (Kyle)
SteveRuth1 Hamlin
Stolyaviatrs32 Earnhardt Jr.
sublump Earnhardt Jr.
SubmarineMIke88 Earnhardt Jr.
SuperBee24 Earnhardt Jr.
Surlymalcontent Harvick
T_fresh94 Kenseth
T_Hughes17 Hamlin
T_VanDenHeuvel Earnhardt Jr.
TalladegaVT Earnhardt Jr.
tampawriter89 Earnhardt Jr.
Tannera94 Hamlin
Tater01 Johnson
TeamNewman31 Earnhardt Jr.
teb41360 Logano
Techno_muse Hamlin
terrymadill Other
TerrySm88451466 Earnhardt Jr.
Terryweems Johnson
TerryWilfong Harvick
Tezmo8 Other
thatbuzz_1225 Other
THE_mrcase Earnhardt Jr.
the_real_tc_ Earnhardt Jr.
Thebigshmoog Johnson
TheDrewCrook Other
thejosh20 Harvick
themattweber Hamlin
TheOrangeCone Johnson
ThePanamaTed Earnhardt Jr.
THIB24 Earnhardt Jr.
Thunder_Cat_4 Harvick
timbankerjr Hamlin
TimMastroDSN Earnhardt Jr.
Toby_Christie Earnhardt Jr.
TonyS24_43 Busch (Kyle)
Toyotavols Busch (Kyle)
Travisparks24 Earnhardt Jr.
TrentTholstrup Earnhardt Jr.
turbojunker Other
Tweet_Till Earnhardt Jr.
TysonLaut23 Keselowski
vasteve(dad) Harvick
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wilwielgosz Busch (Kyle)
wis41fan Busch (Kurt)
wpxiDoubleOnes Other
wyocat50 Busch (Kyle)
Yoshski13 Earnhardt Jr.
yousailor2 Earnhardt Jr.
Yragnodrog Kenseth
ZHorrallBU Hamlin
Ztew Earnhardt Jr.
ZTsmiley Johnson

Fantasy Chase 2016 entries now open

Annnnnnnnnnd we’re back! Welcome to the third edition of the Fantasy Chase game.

Once again, the game is completely FREE. There are no catches to this. The reason I’m doing this is because I enjoy competing with you guys and it’s fun to have something else to talk about on Twitter.

All you need to do is submit your picks with your Twitter name (which will be published weekly in the standings) and your email address (which will be kept private and only used to contact those who make the Fantasy Chase).

The winner gets bragging rights and a hand-me-down media gift at the end of the season (a Dale Call and a backpack have been the two prizes so far).

The rules this year are basically the same as last year except for a BIG TWIST you can read about below:


  • When you submit your picks, you have to pick every available race. Once you press “submit” on your entry, that’s it for the regular season.
  • You can pick any driver (from a list of 2015 winners or “Other”) as many times as you like. If you want to pick Kevin Harvick every week, go ahead. If you pick “Other” and a non-2015 winner goes to victory lane, you get credit for a win.
  • You make the Fantasy Chase if you have five or more wins in the regular season. The format for the Fantasy Chase itself will be announced in September.

****!!!! BIG TWIST ALERT !!!!****

The big twist for this year is you do not have to submit your picks prior to the Daytona 500. You can submit your picks ANY TIME during the regular season.

This means if you want to wait until Las Vegas or even the Coke 600 to get an idea of who is running well, you can. However, the longer you wait, the more risk you take that you won’t reach five wins.

Remember, you get one entry and once you submit it, that’s it for the season. So time it wisely.

At some point on the day of each race, I’ll delete that week’s race from the entry form to ensure no one enters after the race has begun. So if you’re waiting to enter until a certain week, make sure you do it the day before the race at the latest.

Shoot me a tweet @jeff_gluck if you have any questions. Good luck!

DJ Khaled, King of Snapchat, needs to be part of your life

If you have Snapchat, you need to be following DJ Khaled. If you don’t have Snapchat, it’s a reason to start.

I was only vaguely familiar with Khaled until recently. I knew the song “All I Do Is Win” but that was pretty much it. But then people on Twitter started talking about Khaled’s snaps, reciting his catchphrases (“Bless Up,” “Another One,” etc.). There was a buzz about it, so I started following him in early December.

I’ve been fascinated ever since. There’s insight into the celebrity life, sure — he has a waterside mansion in Miami and lives like a baller, riding his elevator to breakfast and jet-skiing — but his daily doses of motivation are what really sets his social media presence apart from any other star I’ve seen.

The common theme for most of Khaled’s snaps are the keys to success (he uses a key emoji to represent this) and how you can achieve them while also avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

He often talks about what “they don’t want us to have.” They don’t want us to enjoy breakfast, he says. They don’t want us to work out. They don’t want us to win — so we’ll win more.

It’s fun and entertaining, like his other expressions as part of his daily routine when he’s home (he waters the lion statue in his backyard and says, “LI-ON!” and has his personal chef, Chef Dee, tell us what’s for breakfast and lunch).

But there’s a lot of truth in what he’s saying. Specifically about they.

Khaled wants us to surround ourselves with positive people who support us. They — the haters, the detractors, the critics, the negative influences — don’t want us to win. They don’t want us to succeed.

Sadly, that’s very true. There’s so much jealousy and envy toward others today, and it manifests itself into bitterness. I’m guilty of this at times, admittedly. And it’s a dangerous emotion.

In that same way, you have to be conscious that not everyone is happy for you. Not everyone wants to see you do well. The more success you have, the less some people will like you.

I think that’s what Khaled is saying in his snaps. And I love that reminder, because it’s a message to value the people around you who really have your best interests at heart. That’s how you win at life.

We all could use a little daily motivation about what really matters on the pathway to success, as Khaled calls it. He invites us to walk with him as he shares the secrets.

They don’t want you to accept his invitation. But you should.

DJ Khaled can be found on Snapchat at djkhaled305. For a sampling of his sayings, check out this site.