EDM Watch: ‘Danger,’ Marshmello’s collab with Migos, is a bop

It’s been fun to watch Marshmello’s rise as a producer result in more credibility within the hip hop community, opening the door to work with higher-profile artists. There’s yet to be a perfect combination between Marshmello’s joyful trap sound and a rapper (or rappers), but it’s clearly a work in progress.

“Danger” — Mello’s collab with Migos — is another step in the right direction. This song is apparently on the soundtrack of an upcoming Netflix movie called Bright, which is how you’d normally describe a Marshmello song.

Not here, though. Marshmello seems intent to provide a fertile playground for the Migos trio to do their thing, making it sound much more like a Migos song than a Marshmello song.

But that’s fine. “Danger” is good enough to please rap fans while also checking the Trap box for those who like that style of dance music.

Check out the music video below and see if you think Quavo and Co. get the job done.

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