Kyle Larson’s team keeps running afoul of NASCAR rules

Oh boy. Here we go again with Kyle Larson’s No. 42 team.

Two days after NASCAR slammed the 42 with a major penalty — a three-race crew chief suspension, $75,000 fine and 35-point deduction — Larson won the pole at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

At least for about 45 minutes. After Larson’s car went through post-qualifying inspection, NASCAR discovered the car’s rear decklid fin was unapproved. NASCAR indicated the fin was designed to move when it wasn’t supposed to be — and that’s a no-no, obviously.

That caused Larson’s pole-winning time to be disallowed, meaning he’ll start last for the second straight week. It’s starting to become a pattern.

At Kentucky, Larson couldn’t get through pre-qualifying inspection (for the third time this season) and never made it onto the track. Then his car had to make multiple attempts to get through pre-race inspection at Kentucky — something that resulted in a 30-minute penalty for Saturday’s final Cup Series practice at New Hampshire.

So yeah, it’s been a bit of a rough stretch for Larson’s team when it comes to dealing with NASCAR. Considering he said Friday he knows nothing about the race cars (he just drives), Larson must be wondering what’s going on.

As are we.

Has the team been doing things outside the rules all season and it’s just now catching up to them? Perhaps NASCAR is taking a closer look at a team whose performance has been the class of the field at times?

Larson was all smiles about his car on Friday after appearing to win his fourth pole position of the season.  His car was handling well and had excellent speed, and he was optimistic for a good race after leading practice and every round of qualifying.

But now his weekend just got a lot more difficult, and he’s going to have to pass a lot of cars to see the front on Sunday. Again.

19 Replies to “Kyle Larson’s team keeps running afoul of NASCAR rules”

  1. This is NASCAR’s game. They choose the rules and when/if they want to enforce them. This was just an additional reminder to CGR that they run the show. Forget the fact that the Larson is an incredible driver and a new fan favorite because he is so fun to watch. It would save everyone a lot of time and money if NASCAR would just go ahead and give Truex the championship. No one is going to be watching the Chase anyways if it continues like this.

    1. Interesting how harsh penalties come right after critique by Larson regarding NASCAR merchandise, too.

    2. I pretty much feel the same way you do. Tired of the playing up MTJ. Wasn’t it last season his team was constantly caught cheating, yet NO race was encumbered for them. Such bs! 😡

    3. Did you say “give” Truex the championship? GIVE? Everything Truex has gotten he’s worked his tail off for, so you really do need to rethink that stupid comment.

      1. This year, Truex and Larson reminds me of the year nobody could catch Bill Elliott and NASCAR kept changing the rules but he still won despite them. They are doing the same thing with Larson but it would be too obvious if they did it to two at the same time. NASCAR can’t manipulate and control the outcomes with two over achievers and they are in a quandary.

  2. Isn’t the pole encumbered? I mean, if they can disqualify for pole, why not wins? It should be both dq.

  3. NASCAR wil be the death of NASCAR. In the nineties, it WAS the “Fasting Growing Sport” in the country. New tracks, sold out seats and a growing fan base.
    When Mr Bill France died and his turd brain son stepped in, NASCAR started declining. Mr Bill France LOVED the sport & was it’s biggest fan.
    I agree, they target teams and are now making the cars less safe. The year Jeff Gordon retired, the cars were great.
    Little France is lining his pockets, changing rules to cause wreaks, which is the biggest sign of NOT A FAN.
    HEY…FRANCE! Step off, get a SET OF RULES , like 2014 AND STOP CHANGING THEM EVERY YEAR. The drivers may have 250mph cars but will drive ONLY AS FAST AS THE TRACK ALLOWS, GEEZE. DON’T KILL NASCAR! EARNHARDT, we/NASCAR misses you. Earnhardt would have stopped a lot of this dumb shit. AAHHH

  4. As they have always done, NASCAR picks and chooses who they want to pick on based on how much they like the driver/team and whether or not they complain. This is a message to the other teams/drivers that they will not allow anyone to complain about anything they do. Dictatorships eventually fail.

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